Semiconductors, strategic weapon of the economic war between the United States and China

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Shares of semiconductor producers fell sharply in early October in Asian markets after Washington announced drastic restrictions on its chip exports to China. France 24 decrypts the strategic issues of this component, used by the United States as a weapon to curb Chinese influence. The technology war between the United States and China entered a … Read more

AI, Gafam’s weapon in the face of the climate challenge of data centers

AI Gafams weapon in the face of the climate challenge

Artificial intelligence is used by Google, Meta and Microsoft to optimize server energy and water consumption. It also makes it possible to design low-carbon hydrocarbon catalysts for generators. Data centers absorbed 1% of the total energy produced across the planet in 2020. A level, which with the exponential increase in stored data, could reach a … Read more

“Lockdown Mode”, Apple’s ultimate weapon against cybercriminals attacking iPhones

What is the Pixel War unleashing the French Internet and

The image of the iPhone has lead in the wing. Promoted as the most secure smartphone in the world by Apple since its inception, it can no longer be described as inviolable. In recent years, the iPhone has been the subject of repeated successful attacks for the purpose of espionage against targeted personalities. Highly technical … Read more

The behavioral study: the weapon of French banks against fraud

The behavioral study the weapon of French banks against fraud

In its war against fraud and the fight against money laundering and the financing of terrorism, France has been able to position itself at the forefront of detection thanks to behavioral study techniques. “For three years there has been an increasingly strong demand for tools to fight against whiteningfraud and the financing of terrorism”, observes … Read more