Siri (iPhone, Homepod): 70+ essential voice commands

Siri iPhone Homepod 70 essential voice commands

Many Apple product users overlook Siri or are unfamiliar with voice commands that could help them use their devices faster. Because the Apple voice assistant has more than one trick up its sleeve. Since iOS 16, in particular, it has been enriched with commands allowing you to perform actions that were impossible until now. And … Read more

ChatCGT, ChatGPT voice assistant… The crazy uses of star AI

1674589691 ChatCGT ChatGPT voice assistant… The crazy uses of star AI

ChatGPT, the incredible conversational AI, fascinates the Internet and causes a lot of stir. Everyone tries to see the possibilities it opens up. Humorous application, voice assistant, but also journalist or therapeutic aid, the horizon is vast! Summary “She came, she doesn’t like Macron, it’s CHATCGT“ ! This is how Vincent Flibustier, creator of the … Read more

Incredible: the VALL-E AI imitates your voice in just 3 seconds!

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Microsoft has developed VALL-E, an artificial intelligence (AI) capable of imitating a voice from a sample of just three seconds. Some demonstrations are very convincing. The firm is aware of the danger of such a tool placed in the hands of malicious people. After the ” deep fake in image or video, will we see … Read more

With their voice recognition kit, they are stronger than Iron Man

TotalEnergies calls for responsibility to allow the good supply of

Like what, being a student and watching a Marvel movie instead of revising is not necessarily a waste of time. It could be the start of a great adventurevery real and which takes, years later, at CES Las Vegas. In 2015, William Simonin and Vincent Leroy, both on the benches of an engineering school specializing … Read more

Audiobook and AI: Madison, the new voice of Apple Books

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By searching the Apple Books application for audio books, and specifying Apple Books, we now come across a selection of titles read by Madison. It is none other than a digital voice whose tone is inspired by human narration. Over the past few months, Apple approached independent publishers, to offer them potential partnerships. The firm … Read more

Speech disorders: they recreate their voice… digital

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2 million people a year are diagnosed with a speech disorder. Some of them use “My own voice”. Thanks to artificial intelligence, this French innovation reproduces the voice of those who have lost it. It’s technology that leaves you speechless. Or rather who recreates it. “My own voice” is a voice synthesis tool, invented by … Read more

DSM chooses LabTwin to pursue its digitization strategy in science and innovation using state-of-the-art voice assistance and artificial intelligence techniques.

DSM chooses LabTwin to pursue its digitization strategy in science

BERLIN, December 14, 2022–(BUSINESSWIRE)–Royal DSM NV, a global company specializing in health, nutrition and sustainable lifestyles, and LabTwin GmbH, a leading manufacturer of a voice-enabled digital laboratory assistant with artificial intelligence, announce to date have signed a multi-year license and collaboration agreement. DSM will employ the newly acquired technology in several of its science and … Read more

“Siri was created like a slightly deaf old grandpa”: the co-creator of the voice assistant at a conference in Nice

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Bad baptism. If in 1956, artificial intelligence sounded like the promise of all possibilities, in 2022 the mirror to the larks split. AI cannot do everything, but it can already do a lot: it must be seen as a toolbox. This is explained by Luc Julia on Saturday December 10 in Nice. Co-creator of Siri, … Read more

Wisdom launches a new short audio format, “Voice Answers”, to solve the biggest drawback of social audio

Wisdom launches a new short audio format Voice Answers to

The pioneering short audio format seeks to address the drawbacks of the social audio format popularized by Clubhouse LONDON–(BUSINESS WIRE)–wisdoma social audio app that facilitates important one-on-one conversations, today launches a pioneering new format, “Voice Answers,” an asynchronous, short-form audio version of the traditional Q&A format. Voice Answers was designed to overcome the limitations associated … Read more

Telex: Apple’s AR glasses postponed to 2026?, SirionLabs buys Zendoc, Agriconomie raises €60 million, An app to detect diseases by voice – Computerworld

VPN vs Router Security Understanding It All

– Apple’s AR glasses shifted to 2026? According to a note from Jeff Pu, an analyst at Haitong International Tech Resarci, the Cupertino company’s virtual reality glasses (similar to those offered by Google a few years ago) would not be released until 2025 and 2026 due to security problems. design. He did not give more … Read more