Too many websites are still inaccessible for the visually impaired

Surfing the web is too often an obstacle course for blind people, even on public service sites. And yet, solutions exist. Surfing the web is an act that seems innocuous. However, for thousands of visually impaired people, consulting a website can be an obstacle course. This is why on June 22, on the occasion of … Read more

Revolutionary glasses that describe to the visually impaired what they can’t see

Glasses that talk. This revolutionary system was developed by an Israeli company to help visually impaired people. These will describe the environment that surrounds them or even whisper a text that is pointed to. These are somewhat special glasses. Equipped with artificial intelligence, they speak in the ear of visually impaired people to describe the … Read more

Disability: the majority of websites are not suitable for blind and visually impaired people

Three hours to buy a train ticket for a 2H17 journey, online food shopping fraught with pitfalls: the overwhelming majority of websites in France are not adapted for people with disabilities, generating an obstacle course for the blind and the visually impaired. Indispensable everyday tools, public digital services and those of large private companies have … Read more