Heritage Days: the Élysée Palace and its completely renovated green lounge welcome thousands of visitors

Heritage Days the Elysee Palace and its completely renovated green

Published on 09/17/2022 15:07 Update on 09/17/2022 15:32 Article written by A.Bourse, C.Azzopardi, M.Collet, F.Daireaux B.Girodon, G.Gheorghita, M.Dumas, E.Revidon – France 2 France Televisions Many of them crowded in front of the doors of the Élysée on the morning of Saturday, September 17. The building, residence of the Presidents of the Republic, is open to … Read more

‘Attack on Titan’ thrills visitors to Jeddah Season

DUBAI: What do Vincent Van Gogh and Etel Adnan have in common? The famous Dutch artist was born in the Netherlands in 1853, while the Lebanese-American artist and writer was born in Beirut, under French mandate, seventy-two years later. He was temporarily a country priest, and she a cultural editor. He died at 37, she … Read more