Web3, blockchain, virtual reality… Five questions to find your way around

Since October 28, 2021 and renaming facebook to meta, the metaverse is on everyone’s lips. A concept with still porous borders, it is one of the elements of the ongoing technological and economic revolution. What is the metaverse? The metaverse (from English “metaverse”) is a term that first appeared in the writings of American author … Read more

In Paris, the pyramid of Cheops is explored… in virtual reality

Stroll through the bowels of the Cheops pyramid, follow the Nile on a canoe or attend the embalming of a pharaoh: thanks to virtual reality, the Arab World Institute (IMA) in Paris offers, from Tuesday , an immersive expedition to one of the seven wonders of the world. Entitled “The horizon of Cheops”, this unique … Read more

In cities, vegetation and colors bring more well-being, even in virtual reality

Crowded streets, ubiquitous noise and gray buildings can lead to stress and fatigue. In short, many people feel that the urban environment is not ideal for their emotional well-being. An antidote to such problems may lie in nature and more specifically greenery, thanks to its calming and restorative effects. But is it possible to combine … Read more

La Poste, Dior, Engie: at VivaTech, everyone wants their piece of virtual reality

La Poste Dior Engie at VivaTech everyone wants their piece

Not surprisingly, virtual reality is the trend at VivaTech, which takes place in Paris from June 15 to 18. With sometimes irrelevant experiences. Virtual reality, do you want some here. This is the big trend at the VivaTech show, dedicated to innovation, which is being held in Paris until June 18. So much so that … Read more

Metaverse and churches: a new form of virtual world

VR Church Bible is one of many evolving spiritual spaces in the metaverse. It has seen its size and popularity increase dramatically during the pandemic. COVID-19. Founded in the United States in 2016 by DJ Sotoa pastor based in FredericksburgVirginia, VR Church Bible has seen its number of participants increase steadily year after year. “Some … Read more

VivaTech: we participated in a virtual meeting in the metaverse of Meta

If the meeting will not necessarily be shorter, it will already be more innovative. The Meta group presents at VivaTech its vision of the metaverse, these virtual worlds whose the American group wants to become the reference with its Horizons. His recipe? Make these universes more immersive thanks to the contribution of virtual reality powered … Read more

Wallace and Gromit, the heroes of Aardman studios, back in virtual reality

The earthy British duo, whose last appearance on screen dates back to 2010, are the heroes of a virtual reality game soon available on the Meta Quest 2 helmet. We thought they were retired, taking it easy in a cottage enjoying crackers and Wensleydale. Against all odds, Wallace and Gromit, whose last film dates back … Read more

VivaTech: top 5 virtual or innovative experiences to test on site

VivaTech top 5 virtual or innovative experiences to test on

After two years of pandemic, the Viva Technology event is held in physics until June 18, 2022, in Paris. While the first three days of the show are reserved for professionals, Saturday is open to the public. Alongside robots of all kinds such as Boston Dynamics, LSA shares with you five virtual or innovative experiences … Read more

Apple could go beyond virtual reality with a new product in 2024

According to an Asian analyst, Apple is already preparing the second generation of its virtual reality headset – the first version of which has not yet been formalized. This VR mask could be released at the same time as the highly anticipated Apple Glass, augmented reality glasses. It’s not just Mark Gurman, Ming-Chi Kuo, and … Read more