[VIDEO] At CES in Las Vegas, the Catalan start-up VRrOOm unveils its “YouTube of the metaverse”

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Based in the P.-O., this start-up is part of the region’s delegation to the largest tech fair in the world. She will unveil a new platform for “social virtual reality”. This week runs from January 5 to 8 on CES. The largest tech show in the world with more than 3,000 exhibitors, the Las Vegas … Read more

Go 1.20 unveils profile-guided optimization Computerworld

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Previewed in Go 1.20, this feature allows the compiler to perform application and workload specific optimizations based on runtime profile information. Now at release candidate stage, this planned update to Go, the open source language developed by Google and renowned for its simplicity, concurrency, and functional programming features previews Profile Guided Optimization (PGO) for the … Read more

Maserati unveils the range of its first electric car: the worst range-price ratio on the market?

Maserati unveils the range of its first electric car the

Unveiled last October, the new electric Maserati Granturismo Folgore has a rather disappointing range. And yet, we could have expected better given its more than salty price. Maserati GranTurismo Folgore // Source: Top Gear Whether You’re here seemed quite alone on the electric car market a few years earlier, now all the manufacturers are getting … Read more

Google unveils its favorite Chrome extensions of 2022

Google unveils its favorite Chrome extensions of 2022

Google has published a blog post revealing its favorite Chrome extensions of 2022. You might pick up some ideas there. The best Chrome extensions in 2022 according to Google // Source: Google Do you use a lot of extensions in your browser? If your answer is “Nope», you are missing out on a marvelous world … Read more

Air Glass 2: Oppo unveils its “ordinary glasses” with extraordinary powers

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As part of its “Inno Day 2022” event, Oppo is presenting three smart products, including its “Air Glass 2” connected glasses with features that caught our attention. Connected glasses are still far from popular, but manufacturers see this accessory as a new way of interacting with our environment. Today, Oppo presents its “Air Glass 2” … Read more

SpaceX unveils Starshield, an Internet network for military use

SpaceX unveils Starshield an Internet network for military use

SpaceX just unveiled Starshield, a version of star link specially dedicated to governments. The company observes the potential of its Internet satellite network in the military sectorand intends to capitalize on it. The use of Starlink has greatly evolved The primary objective of the Starlink constellation was to provide a high-speed Internet network in the … Read more

SpaceX unveils Starshield, internet access for states and spies

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SpaceX diversifies its line ofStarlink satellite internet access, with an amazing subscription reserved for state actors. Baptized Starshield, the subscription provides eligible players with an infrastructure allowing them to connect to the Internet in an ultra-secure manner, almost anywhere on the planet, as well as support, and the possibility of integrating various SpaceX. SpaceX clarifies … Read more

Huawei unveils its Mate 50 Pro, the high-end smartphone that shakes up mobile photography

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The new flagship of Huawei embeds the latest technologies in vogue. This smartphone stands out in particular in photos with a variable aperture lens from f / 1.4 to f / 4 for almost professional quality shots. And on the occasion of its launch, the Mate 50 Pro benefits from a reduction offer of 200€. … Read more

Intel improves Arc performance with new drivers and unveils XeSS plug-in for the Unreal Engine

Intel improves Arc performance with new drivers and unveils XeSS

Recap: Intel lifted the lid on two major updates to its Arc software stack late last week. It announced a new driver that adds support for four recently released games and improves performance by about 5% in eight others, and a plugin for Unreal Engine that makes it easier for developers to add XeSS to … Read more

Qualcomm unveils its new Snapdragon platform for augmented reality glasses

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Qualcomm unveils its Snapdragon AR2 Gen 1 platform, for thinner, lighter and more efficient augmented reality glasses. If manufacturers want to deliver augmented reality (AR) glasses that the general public wants to wear, they need chips that are powerful enough, but that don’t need big batteries on your head. Qualcomm think I can help with … Read more