Gymcorsu: the new internet platform of the University of Corte to learn the Corsican language

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Yesterday, the University of Corsica officially unveiled its new internet platform for learning the Corsican language. Instinctive, modern and intelligent, Gymcorsu is now accessible to everyone. With finance. Except for students. Learn to speak and write Corsican from your smartphone, computer or tablet, at your own pace and at the rate of 15 minutes of … Read more

Nice University Hospital’s IT is “obsolete” according to internal sources

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Arrived in 2016, Charles Guépratte, general manager of the Nice University Hospital, is organizing his farewell party this Tuesday evening. Champagne atmosphere and petit fours. However, he leaves the hospital center, the third most indebted in France (1), with a decried and mixed record. He will join the Federation of non-profit private hospitals and personal … Read more

Computer blackout at the Nice University Hospital: story of a restless night

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According to the management of the Nice University Hospital, a telephone and computer network failure has been observed on the Pasteur site at 3:15 a.m. It affected several establishments of the CHU. The direction announced that the return to normal had taken place around 9 am. A computer bug depriving caregivers of telephony, computers and … Read more

Harvard University research on macaques sparks outrage among primatologists

Harvard University research on macaques sparks outrage among primatologists

A female macaque whose baby was taken from her holds a stuffed toy provided by the Neurobiology Laboratory at Harvard University Medical School in the United States. MARGARET LIVINGSTONE/HARVARD MEDICAL SCHOOL Macaques with sutured eyelids, kept closed for a year, to study the neurobiological consequences of blindness. Females separated from their baby just after birth, … Read more

The Mon Parcours Handicap website now supports high school and university students

The Mon Parcours Handicap website now supports high school and

Credits: © pressmaster – AdobeStock Opened in May 2020, the digital platform My Disability Course is a single entry point for information, guidance and services for people with disabilities. Since December 6, 2021, a new section “Higher education and disability” offers high school students and students with disabilities the keys to encourage them to continue … Read more

At Paul-Valéry University in Montpellier, Occitan offers an incredible number of opportunities

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Although the number of students has been declining in recent years, there are many professional opportunities. Think about it. Occitan is learned from kindergarten to university. Education is his main hope for survival. Unfortunately, with less than 3% of children sensitized to Occitan in the small sections, the use of the language is lost over … Read more

Fluence VYPR selected as complementary lighting solution for Wageningen University and Research Center, NPEC

Fluence VYPR selected as complementary lighting solution for Wageningen University

Energy efficiency and spectra are key to producing high-throughput plant phenotyping data from grow rooms to grow fields AUSTIN, Texas and ROTTERDAM, Netherlands–(BUSINESS WIRE)–Fluencyone of the world’s leading providers of energy-efficient LED lighting solutions for commercial cannabis and food production, has been selected by Wageningen University & Research, WUR ) as LED technology partner for … Read more

Montpellier University Hospital: virtual reality to soothe preoperative anxiety in children

Montpellier University Hospital virtual reality to soothe preoperative anxiety in

By Manon Haddouche Published on 13 Sep 22 at 7:14 Metropolitan See my news Follow this media This helmet allows children to avoid or at least reduce their anxiety before an intervention. (©MH / Metropolitan) the Montpellier University Hospital, Sanofi and Capgemini thought of a virtual reality solution developed to soothe the anxiety of children … Read more

University of Corsica: the singular history of the IT sector

1662562041 University of Corsica the singular history of the IT sector

Created 20 years ago on the Corten campus, the IT department is undeniably the one whose teaching has undergone the most profound changes. All master’s graduates fit in without any problems, but more would be needed to respond to the offer. Last July, the educational manager was contacted by an Ajaccian company with a recruitment … Read more

When the University of Nîmes becomes a filming location

When the University of Nimes becomes a filming location

Located in a Vauban fort, the University of Nîmes regularly hosts film shoots. Two short films found their sets there this year. The opportunity to promote the university but also the training and professions of cinema. The University of Nîmes (30) is housed in an unusual building: classes take place in a historic fort Vauban. … Read more