Matrix: this scientist wants to prove that our universe is in a simulation

Matrix this scientist wants to prove that our universe is

As many scientists attempt to unravel the countless secrets of our universe and its still mysterious functioning, some believe that it is possible that our universe is in reality a simulationand that we all live inside a computer program. A theory which will be taken over by the Wachowskis with the saga Matrix, the films … Read more

Maxime Geek Universe 2022: the geek culture fair opens its doors in Sainte-Maxime (83) this weekend and we will be there!

Maxime Geek Universe 2022 the geek culture fair opens its

the Maxime Geek Festival 2022 will take place this weekend, November 5 and 6, 2022. After a particularly successful fourth edition last year, this family convention is back in force with many activities to amuse young and old alike. During these two days, visitors will be invited to take part in numerous activities and initiations, … Read more

Free immersive experience in Paris: immerse yourself in the mystical universe of Hilma af Klint, pioneer of abstraction | Knowledge of the Arts

Free immersive experience in Paris immerse yourself in the mystical

From October 20 to 24, the Swedish Institute in Paris presents Hilma af Klint-The Temple, an immersive experience. The virtual reality work invites the public to immerse themselves in the emblematic masterpieces of the pioneering artist of abstraction. To start the All Saints holidays in style, and if you dive (for free) into the world … Read more

The Metaverse, a universe of economic opportunities? Dubai believes in it

Launch of the new website of the fishing port of

Its first followers say it: it’s time to join the Metaverse. Researchers estimate that by 2026, one in four of us will be spending at least an hour a day there for work, shopping, training, socializing or entertainment. But for most of us, this alternate digital world remains a mystery. It is, in fact, a … Read more

Metaverse, your ruthless universe – WE DEMAIN

Sexual, homophobic or racist comments, conspiracy theories, firearms, sexual harassment and even assaults… the metaverse dreamed up by Mark Zuckerberg, this fun space, for exchanges and collaborations, is a far cry from what really happens there. This virtual universe is still in beta phase and only available in the United States and Canada for now. … Read more

Metaverse for children: How does it impact their universe?

Metaverse for children How does it impact their universe.webp

After the metaverse for all comes the metaverse for children which does not lack advantages as well as disadvantages. Some companies are starting to position themselves as providers of the best virtual realities for children. Certainly, their initiatives are commendable, but we are not unaware that this universe also has its share of dangers. Raising … Read more

The Cannes Film Festival teleports into the Fortnite universe

The Cannes Film Festival teleports into the Fortnite universe

Posted15 May 2022, 10:00 Thanks to the online media Brut, the biggest festival in the world comes in a 100% virtual version in the colorful world of the video game of Epic Games. 1 / 7 A 100% virtual version of the biggest film festival in the world in the Fortnite universe Raw Raw Raw … Read more