How Ubisoft wants to “introduce virtual worlds to people who don’t play games”

In Japan an application project to discourage sexual predators on

Ubisoft is one of the pioneers of French video games. But apart from game development, the company also wants to reach all areas, and all audiences, as explained by Deborah Papiernik, international director of strategic alliances at Ubisoft, in Tech&Co. We know Ubisoft for its world famous games, such as the Assassin’s Creed franchise, Just … Read more

Riot Games and Ubisoft team up to counter toxic online behavior with AI

Mental health the 10 innovations that will revolutionize 2023

Video games are increasingly entering homes around the world. According to Statista, there are just over a billion online gamers across the globe, a figure that could rise to 1.2 billion in 2027. This growing increase results in increasingly large online gaming communities. And then there is the problem of moderation. If a limited number … Read more

Ubisoft and Riot Games want to create an AI to end harassment in online games

Ubisoft and Riot Games want to create an AI to

The two video game players have decided to join forces to launch the “Zero Harm in Comms” research project. They aim to set up an AI capable of detecting toxic behavior in online games in order to make it a cyberbullying policeman. Give back to online video games their friendly, healthy and community spirit in … Read more

Stadia 4.33 Prepares Party Stream For Android, Ubisoft+ Promotion

In Japan an application project to discourage sexual predators on

Stadia 4.33 for Android is currently rolling out via the Google Play Store, and in it our team found the first signs of Party Stream coming to Android, as well as a potentially upcoming Ubisoft+ promotion. About APK Insight: In this “APK Insight” article, we have decompiled the latest version of an app that Google … Read more

Metavers: Ubisoft, Sorare, The Sandbox… The French are taking over the new world

More than 600,000 euros spent to become the owner of the virtual thumbnail of Haaland, a Norwegian footballer approached to join Real Madrid… It is one marker among others of Sorare’s success with football fans. In this online game inspired by the transfer window, football fans can acquire, via an auction system and the Ethereum … Read more