[VIDEO] Strong earthquakes, a swarm near San Diego, a tsunami in Death Valley… When the earth shakes from California to Mexico, the fear of the “Big One” is reborn

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Seismic activity has been particularly intense from California to Mexico in recent days. This Thursday morning, a strong earthquake of 6.9 magnitude struck Mexico, in the state of Michoacan. Three days earlier, in the same region, a 7.7 magnitude earthquake had already shaken Mexico. Enough to wake up old demons in the country, especially since … Read more

Study suggests ‘solar tsunami’ could completely shut down the internet within a decade

Study suggests solar tsunami could completely shut down the internet

A study concluded that if a “solar tsunami” were to occur, the internet could go down worldwide. In an article published in SIGCOMM 21researchers from the University of California detail the devastating effects a geomagnetic storm could have on the world’s undersea cables, blocking the flow of information and darkening a world that is so … Read more