France Blue Herault. AI-Stroke, a Montpellier company develops software to quickly detect strokes – ToulÉco

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People who have suffered a CVA (cerebrovascular accident) are often taken care of late because of a lack of knowledge of the symptoms. The Montpellier company AI-Stroke is developing software that uses artificial intelligence to detect strokes quickly. The project is in its development phase and should be used by firefighters by the end of … Read more

Digital Transition: to attract industrialists, Digital 113 hunts in packs – ToulÉco

Digital Transition to attract industrialists Digital 113 hunts in packs

Six seasons already! [1] But the Digital 113 team does not lack inspiration and desire to Digital is future, its quarterly program dedicated to the digitization of a sector of activity. Place this autonomous in Industry with several partner structures: Toulouse Tech Transfer [2] of which “a third of the activities would be related to … Read more

Futur Intelligence: The thousand facets of AI deciphered in Toulouse – ToulÉco

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An event turned towards the future and towards the world. Futur Intelligence, a convention dedicated to artificial intelligence, will take place on October 25 and 26 at the Cité in Toulouse. “Originally, there was a conference at the National Conservatory of Arts and Crafts (Cnam) in Paris in 2019. Between Occitan AI players, this made … Read more

France Blue Herault. Aenigma Venatorum, a Lodévois mobile game of 3D puzzles – ToulÉco

A mobile game has just been created by the puzzle shop based in Lodève, NKD Puzzle. Their wooden pieces have been scanned in 3D on this Aenigma Venatorum application. The first level is free and you have to pay five euros to access the other three. The goal is to reach new customers to convince … Read more

Éric Salobir, National Digital Council: “AI must be at the service of a social project with the human being at the center” – ToulÉco

Eric Salobir, why the National Digital Council [1] did he go to Toulouse last week? For several months, we have undertaken to tour the territories to take stock of research activities in France in the field of artificial intelligence (AI). In Toulouse, there is one of the three French hubs dedicated to AI. We conducted … Read more

How does Simplon manage to make digital more inclusive in Occitania? – ToulEco

Simplon allows people who are out of work, as well as those in professional retraining, to train in digital professions completely free of charge. 20,000 learners have already been trained in the school in almost nine years. Present throughout Occitania, the school has two main locations, in Toulouse and Montpellier. “Our programs are deployed with … Read more