Act of vandalism, torn pole, network failure… The galleys of the inhabitants of Sainte-Agnès with the telephone and the Internet

It is an incredible misadventure experienced by the inhabitants of the village of Sainte-Agnès last Tuesday. After the fall of a pole carrying Orange network cables followed by an act of vandalism, the village of 1,200 inhabitants found itself without telephone connections and without Internet for more than 24 hours. The mayor, Albert Filippi, denounces … Read more

“Where did the other half go?” “: Mélenchon and Le Maire are torn on social networks about the VAT hike

Between Jean-Luc Mélenchon and Bruno Le Maire, the battle of figures passed another milestone on Wednesday June 15. As the two clash through the media over the supposed VAT increase by Emmanuel Macron, they ended up explaining themselves directly… on Facebook. Wednesday around 6 p.m., Jean-Luc Mélenchon publishes on his account a video extracted from … Read more