Floating wind turbines: two very high-tech tools soon to be installed at sea

Floating wind turbines two very high tech tools soon to be

Off Gruissan and Port-La Nouvelle, a state-of-the-art seismograph will soon be installed. At the right of Leucate and Barcarès, a “Swiss army knife” buoy, also a jewel of connected technology and artificial intelligence, will be set up. Essential tools at the dawn of the experimental and then industrial phases of floating wind power at sea. … Read more

Nvidia bangs its fist on the metaverse table: discover the new tools for developers – LeBigData.fr

Nvidia bangs its fist on the metaverse table discover the

In order to stimulate the development of the metaverse and to make it more realistic, Nvidia has just unveiled new tools intended for the creators of virtual worlds. On the program: realistic and emotional avatars, embodied virtual assistants, physical simulations or even a 3D internet… Since the beginning of summer 2022, thethe hype around the … Read more

Electronic cigarettes, marketing tools to target young people in South Korea

Is Googles AI Sensitive Stanford AI Experts Say Its Pure

Escaping the legislation on tobacco products, the material used for electronic cigarettes is now used as a marketing medium by manufacturers. In a letter to the journal Tobacco Prevention & Cessation, two members of Korea’s National Tobacco Control Center point out how vaping companies are using e-cigarette material as marketing material in South Korea[1]. In … Read more

(De)Toxigen and AdaTest, Microsoft’s new tools for more reliable language models

Large language models (LLM or large language model), in addition to being very energy-intensive, can reproduce the biases and stereotypes acquired during their training. Microsoft researchers have designed open source tools and datasets to test content moderation systems: (De)ToxiGen and AdaTest. These could lead to more reliable LLMs or models similar to OpenAI’s GPT-3 that … Read more

He requests a repair kit from Apple, he receives two suitcases of 35 kg tools

He requests a repair kit from Apple he receives two

Repair your iPhone yourself. This is the dream sold by Apple to enlightened amateurs with its program Self Service Repair launched in the United States for the iPhone 12 and 13. Sean Hollister, journalist at The Verge, jumped at the chance and asked for the famous repair kit to replace the battery of his iPhone … Read more

Mycélium Aisne Computer helps companies secure their IT tools | Picardy the Gazette

Telework, digitization of the economy, cyber-espionage and cyber-war… In just a few months, all French companies, from very small businesses to multinationals, have entered the era of IT security. After having opened all the doors of their servers to allow their employees to work remotely, the time has come to quickly secure sensitive data. This … Read more

Google at school: “the educational potential of Internet tools is immense”

France must open up its education system to the realities of the digital world, an approach likely to make a lasting and positive change in the daily lives of teachers and students, in high school in particular. It is not only a question of guiding them towards the proper use of the Internet and digital … Read more

The American company Clearview gives up selling its facial recognition tools to companies

The American company Clearview gives up selling its facial recognition

Hoan Ton-That, CEO of Clearview AI, demonstrates his facial recognition system with his own photos (AP Photo/Seth Wenig, File) SETH WENIG/AP This is a major decision in the fight for data protection. Monday, May 9, after two years of legal battle against the American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU), Clearview AI accepted to no longer sell … Read more