Craiyon, the automated image generation tool that social networks love

By Chloe Woitier Posted 6 hours ago, Update 6 hours ago Images automatically generated by Craiyon with the query “shiba-inu surfing in space, anime style” Crayon Also known as the “Dall-E Mini”, this AI designs often absurd images. Its co-creator Boris Dayma looks back on this unexpected success. Difficult to escape the phenomenon on social … Read more

ExpressVPN is an indispensable tool on the Internet and here’s why

ExpressVPN is an indispensable tool on the Internet and

ExpressVPN is often rated the best VPN in reviews, do you know why? We tell you more about the application (on sale). It is true that VPNs are software that have taken a considerable place in the world of the net in recent years. However, they are still quite unknown, and few Internet users really … Read more

Purchasing power: one in two French people uses a price comparison tool on the internet or on an application

“The French are very attentive to the price and the promotions“Since the war in Ukraine and the decline in purchasing power, assures Franck Lehuédé, of the Research Center for the Study and Observation of Living Conditions (Crédoc). According to INSEE, theprice increase food products stood at 4.3% year on year last month. In total, 56% … Read more

AI, a necessary tool to strengthen supply chains

The pandemic, the shortage of semiconductors or the war in Ukraine managed to show the weaknesses of supply chains in a very short time. Supply chains are facing an unprecedented challenge. According to the Financial Times, the war in Ukraine could mean the end of globalization and the breakdown of supply chains as we know … Read more

Pornography: the State offers websites an age verification tool

Is the rearmament of institutions in the face of Internet sites prohibited to minors but which do not exercise this filtering on the right track? While various child protection associations have gone to the front on a legal level – without success for the moment – ​​it is on a technical level that a new … Read more

Postly, the complete and collaborative tool for creating, programming and publishing content on social networks

Postly the complete and collaborative tool for creating programming and

Managing a company’s social networks takes a lot of time. You have to rack your brains to come up with an idea for content, schedule it on several social platforms and analyze the impact. To simplify this daily task, there are social media management tools. Among them, Postly. It offers the ability to design and … Read more

Intelligent tool protection with cameras in stamping and forming technology

The increase in efficiency through digitization – almost no industrial sector can ignore this. Press plant operators are also increasingly networking their production. But, whether it’s individual presses or lines of presses, it’s not always necessary to replace the entire installation to “stay in the game”. The modernization of existing installations, faithful to the principle … Read more

Zoom sells a tool to analyze our emotions, and not everyone likes it

Zoom sells a tool to analyze our emotions and not

The videoconferencing software has launched an artificial intelligence analysis program of emotions. The project is very badly received, and is based on many problematic points. “ Discriminatory », « manipulator ” and ” punitive “: this is how more than twenty associations describe one of the new tools of Zoom. The videoconferencing software indeed published … Read more