Sales 2023: 6 tips to avoid scams in stores and on the internet

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This Wednesday, January 11 marks the start of the summer sales in most departments of metropolitan France. This discount period will last four weeks, until Tuesday, February 7. Each year, agents from the Directorate General for Competition, Consumer Affairs and Fraud Prevention (DGCCRF) report misleading commercial practices. Beware of inflated starting prices! Some traders are … Read more

4 Tips To Free Up Space On Your Android Mobile Without Deleting Important Files

4 Tips To Free Up Space On Your Android Mobile

Having a mobile with little storage space or simply not taking care of it can lead to memory saturation, preventing the addition of new applications, photos and other files. You then quickly find yourself with a full or almost full phone memory. This cleaning operation will ultimately allow you to have a less cluttered and … Read more

No more mistakes, thanks to Mistress Adeline and her tips on social networks

No more mistakes thanks to Mistress Adeline and her tips

Mistress Adeline, school teacher in the Bouches-du-Rhône, is followed by more than 3 million subscribers. She delivers her tips and tricks for overcoming the complexity of the French language. how to learn while having fun, on Tik Tok. An article first published on 02/09/2022. With her colorful markers and her beautiful neat handwriting, Adeline Dupuy … Read more

The art of the prompt: 9 tips for guiding generative AIs

The art of the prompt 9 tips for guiding generative

A prompt is a short text that directs an artificial intelligence to create an image or text. Still need to know how to write it. Follow our advice. You see everywhere very beautiful images generated by artificial intelligence (AI) and perfectly chiseled texts, but, when you tried ChatGPT, Slab, rytr or MidJourney, your attempts turned … Read more

Our 5 tips for making “real” savings on your internet subscription

TotalEnergies calls for responsibility to allow the good supply of

We have all noticed it: the rise in prices is everywhere, and affects all sectors. The telecom sector is no exception. So how do you succeed despite everything in saving money on this essential expense of our budget: the internet subscription for your home? We’ve concocted a little compilation of our best tips to reduce … Read more