On TikTok, viral videos are not so much the magic of the internet as that

1674504207 On TikTok viral videos are not so much the magic

Pexels Pexels According to the American magazine Forbes, TikTok employees can highlight videos themselves by means of a button. TIKTOK – The TikTok platform is known for its algorithm which always succeeds (or almost) in showing user-friendly videos in the famous “For You” thread. But this precision is not only due to a algorithm. This … Read more

Apple: the iPod is back in fashion thanks to TikTok and an application!

Apple the iPod is back in fashion thanks to TikTok

If the iPod were destined to disappear once and for all, it could be that the old creation of Apple is making a comeback! Good news for all happy owners of an iPod. The famous device produced by Apple would become fashionable again thanks to TikTok and an application! MCE TV tells you everything from … Read more

Social networks. Will TikTok be completely banned in the United States?

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The future of TikTok seems particularly uncertain in the United States. US President Joe Biden signed a law last week banning the popular video-sharing platform from public servants’ devices. The text also prohibits the use of the social network in the House of Representatives and the Senate. And the increased weight in Congress of Republicans, … Read more

Uncertain future for TikTok in the United States

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It’s a year under high tension that awaits TikTok in the United States. A law, ratified last week by the American president Joe Bidenprohibited the popular video sharing platform on civil servants’ devices. It also attacks its use in the House of Representatives and the Senate. And the increased weight in Congress of the Republicans, … Read more

United States: Congress bans TikTok from government devices, and many other things

United States Congress bans TikTok from government devices and many

The United States House of Representatives announced to its staff on December 27 that TikTok will be banned on their work phones. A measure consistent with the vote of a vast law, the day before New Year’s Eve, prohibiting the Chinese application on government devices. It also contains texts related to theantitrustcybersecurity and others, with … Read more

4K TokKit: Download TikTok Videos in a Snap

1672296199 4K TokKit Download TikTok Videos in a Snap

Currently, Tokkit 4K has over 11 million users, making it the best TikTok video downloader on the web. This software promises to make life easier for users by providing advanced downloading features. Although it is possible to download videos directly from the TikTok mobile app, it is not possible to do so on the web … Read more

Rihanna reveals her son’s face on TikTok and breaks the Internet!

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Without warning, Rihanna has finally unveiled the head of her son. To do this, she used her TikTok account and the video is adorable! Rihanna never does anything like anyone else. Indeed, last Saturday, she surprised everyone by unveiling an adorable video of her son on TikTok. MCE tells you everything from A to Z! … Read more

France-Morocco: on TikTok, the match before the match

Les Francais qui achetent sur internet de plus en plus

HASWhen the semi-final of the World Cup between France and Morocco is played out on Wednesday, December 14, young people are torn on social networks. For some, fervent supporters of the Moroccan team, the riots and damage during the previous match in Brussels are inadmissible, and they fear similar outbursts in France. Others, on the … Read more

TikTok next king of social media advertising, according to investment bank GP Bullhound

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In a report published Monday, December 5, the international investment bank and consultancy GP Bullhound identifies the 10 innovations that should mark the Tech sector in 2023. The social network TikTok next king of advertising, online shopping new eldorado for brands or an expansion of robotics become reality… here are the trends that should mark … Read more

SNCF chooses Tiktok and a 10-year-old interpreter to seduce the younger generations

SNCF chooses Tiktok and a 10 year old interpreter to seduce the

Since November 26, SNCF has been broadcasting the second part of its advertising communication on the subject of commitment to ecology. The SNCF mirrors the French and the railway workers in the thousand and one ways of being green on a daily basis. This concerns the sorting and recycling of waste, the installation of solar … Read more