ANSSI publishes its panorama on the computer threat in 2021

Your package has been delivered this scam siphons off all

Each year, ANSSI takes stock of the state of the cyber threat in France for the year 2021. And unsurprisingly, the agency confirms a dark year marked by the growing professionalization of cybercriminal gangs, an upsurge in computer espionage and an explosion of O-Day vulnerabilities. The report ” Panorama of the computer threat 2021 » … Read more

Miscellaneous – Drivers of two-wheelers fined, jailed under electronic bracelet for death threat… Miscellaneous facts from Cher in brief

Police officers from the Bourges police station have checked several offending two-wheeler drivers in recent days. Wednesday evening, rue Paul-Verlaine, around 8:45 p.m., a pilot refused to obey the orders of the police while he was riding a recently immobilized two-wheeler. Identified, the driver was fined recently for lack of a driver’s license. To succeed … Read more

Integrate threat intelligence into your security strategy

Two years of remote working and the explosion of digital transformation have increased the attack surface for organizations. Threat intelligence offers an opportunity to redress the balance. Threat intelligence or threat intelligence is the use of data, processed as information, and then interrogated to tell a story that improves decision-making. Rather than answering simple questions … Read more

Nuclear threat: Can you buy iodine tablets on the Internet?

Nuclear threat Can you buy iodine tablets on the Internet

The answer is no. Neither on the Internet nor in pharmacies. The management of stable iodine tablets is extremely regulated. Distributed in the event of radioactive fallout, they are normally reserved for the population living within a radius of 20 km around a nuclear power plant. If you type the words “iodine tablets” into Google, … Read more

Hacking agricultural machinery to cripple agriculture, a threat to food security

1653105423 Hacking agricultural machinery to cripple agriculture a threat to food

He testifies anonymously. A hacker – known as “Sick Codes” and claiming to be an “ethical” hacker – tells reporters at the BBC (5/20/2022) his fears about computer-driven agriculture. According to him, experienced hackers could exploit loopholes in the agricultural equipment used in the fields. Indeed, so-called “intelligent” technologies are increasingly used to improve the … Read more

Google suspends Bandcamp Android app removal threat

Why it matters: For now, users of Bandcamp on Android shouldn’t worry about the future of the app or its payment system. The legal dispute between Google and Bandcamp owner Epic Games continues, but the search giant promises nothing will change for musicians and customers while the courts still hear the case. This week, Bandcamp … Read more

What role for CIOs in the face of the IT threat?

What role for CIOs in the face of the IT

ANSSI’s 2021 computer threat report reveals a worrying year. A trend that will continue, as the level of professionalism of attackers continues to improve. A delinquency that progresses towards organized crime Booming, cybercriminal networks have become largely professionalized and organized, they are becoming more and more agile and responsive to detect and monetize all flaws. … Read more