Signs of Disturbance in Nearby Dwarf Galaxies Point to an Alternative Gravitational Theory Astronomy & Astrophysics News

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Dwarf galaxies are small, faint galaxies that are usually found in galaxy clusters or near larger galaxies. For this reason, they could be affected by the gravitational effects of their larger companions. “We are introducing an innovative way to test the Standard Model based on the amount of dwarf galaxies perturbed by the gravitational tides … Read more

Alzheimer’s: the main theory on the origin of the disease called into question

Alzheimers the main theory on the origin of the disease

Recent research tends to question the hypothesis favored in recent decades to conduct research on Alzheimer’s. The root causes of the disease could be different. Are we mistaken about Alzheimer’s for decades ? The main theory regarding the operation of this sickness, known as “amyloid cascade”, is increasingly questioned in studies. This, even though it … Read more