Theft of cables. Residents deprived of internet and telephone in a small town in Creuse

1673549306 Theft of cables Residents deprived of internet and telephone in

In France, the theft of telephone cables is a scourge for users and for telephone operators. In Lourdoueix-Saint-Pierre, several hamlets are concerned at the start of the year. In 2022, three such cuts had already been reported. It is stupor in the village of Lourdoueix-Saint-Pierre in Creuse. About thirty inhabitants have been deprived of internet … Read more

Numérique – A Dreux, une rue entière privée d'internet et de téléphone depuis le 18 décembre

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La finale perdue de la coupe du monde de football, Xavier D’Elgart s’en souviendra à jamais. Ce jour maudit du dimanche 18 décembre 2022, outre la défaite des Bleus, c’est toute sa rue, la tranquille rue de la Biche, dans le quartier des Rochelles, à Dreux, qui s’est retrouvée privée de connexion à Internet et de … Read more

Telephone canvassing: Here are the numbers to filter on your landline or mobile

In Japan an application project to discourage sexual predators on

Since January 1, 2023, commercial canvassing platforms can no longer, in theory, call you from numbers starting with 06 or 07. Since the beginning of the year, they must use a new category of so-called general-purpose numbers, reserved for this use, according to an Arcep decision dating from September 2022. A new numbering system which … Read more

Did you know: Free allows Free Mobile and Freebox subscribers to take advantage of its “Telephone Relay” service for free

Did you know Free allows Free Mobile and Freebox subscribers

Launched by Free support in October 2018, “Telephone Relay” is a videoconference call service for people with disabilities (hard of hearing, deaf, deafblind, etc.). Included for all subscribers to the €19.99 Mobile Free plan, but also Freebox Revolution (with or without TV by CANAL Panorama, excluding promotional offers), this service now includes 3 hours of … Read more

Following the fire, the Pau tourist office operates only on the internet and by telephone

The Pau tourist office continues to operate despite the fire which occurred on Thursday 8 December . This fire was caused by the explosion of the battery of an electric scooter, on the 1st floor. No injuries but some material damage. It is for this reason that the office announces:We are closed for an indefinite … Read more

Miscellaneous – In Chartainvilliers, the fixed telephone network and ADSL cut for more than a month

Soon in France the same Internet regulation as in California

“We have the impression of being taken on a boat,” says the mayor of Chartainvilliers, Alain Boutin. Since the fixed telephony network as well as the ADSL Internet network have been cut for some of the town’s subscribers, the city councilor has been trying to find out a little more from the owner of the … Read more

Près de trois quarts des plus de 10 ans ont un téléphone portable

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Malgré cela, près d’un tiers de la population mondiale est toujours privée d’accès à Internet selon l’ONU. La majorité des personnes dans le monde ont un téléphone portable, mais cela ne veut pas dire qu’ils ont tous accès à Internet. D’après l’Organisation des Nations unies (ONU), près de trois quarts de la population mondiale âgée … Read more

Telephone, internet, networks, health: how to protect the privacy of children?

Telephone internet networks health how to protect the privacy of

“How to protect children while respecting their freedom? The Defender of Rights puts the spotlight on Thursday, November 17, 2022 on children’s right to a private life, a thorny challenge for all families, particularly with regard to the digital world. Illustration photo Pixabay Published: November 17, 2022 at 3:27 p.m. Reading time: 3 mins “When … Read more

Communication – The villages of Attray and Montigny find Internet and telephone after almost three months of interruption

Communication The villages of Attray and Montigny find Internet

“I was told that it had returned to the town. We are relieved”, announces Dominique Gaucher, Mayor of Attray. All his village and part of Montigny were deprived of internet and telephone since August 23. This Wednesday, November 16, the Internet connection and the telephone were restored in Montigny and Attray. Because this situation was … Read more