Artificial intelligence, finally the remedy against the scourge of telephone fraud?

Artificial intelligence finally the remedy against the scourge of telephone

But like all other technologies, telephony is the target of criminals looking for a way to commit fraud and theft. While companies have long secured their digital channels, the same level of protection or regulation is rarely applied to the telephone channel. Therefore, fraudsters use call centers as an entry point to steal personal data … Read more

Act of vandalism, torn pole, network failure… The galleys of the inhabitants of Sainte-Agnès with the telephone and the Internet

It is an incredible misadventure experienced by the inhabitants of the village of Sainte-Agnès last Tuesday. After the fall of a pole carrying Orange network cables followed by an act of vandalism, the village of 1,200 inhabitants found itself without telephone connections and without Internet for more than 24 hours. The mayor, Albert Filippi, denounces … Read more

The telephone alert system for natural disasters and attacks will arrive at the end of June –

The telephone alert system for natural disasters and attacks will

FR-Alert, the alert system to warn in real time by smartphone people present in a danger zone, will make its arrival from the end of June. A new population alert system will make it possible to send notifications to the mobile phones of people located in an area facing a danger such as a fire, … Read more

Comment créer un compte Telegram sans numéro de téléphone

Comment creer un compte Telegram sans numero de telephone

Aujourd’hui, Telegram est peut-être devenu la plateforme de communication en ligne la plus populaire après WhatsApp. Comme les gens sont de plus en plus conscients de leurs préoccupations en matière de confidentialité en ligne, ils passent de plus en plus à Telegram parce qu’il offre un partage crypté des données et est plus sécurisé. Ainsi, … Read more

Biterrois: without a telephone network for a month, exasperated residents in Bédarieux

Since last month, Bédariciens can no longer use their phones. The least we can say is that this Friday morning, May 20, in downtown Bédarieux, no one was glued to their phone. For the past month, the town has been the victim of a huge mobile network outage. SFR, Bouygues Telecom, NRJ Mobile… The inhabitants … Read more

Internet, telephone, music packages… 5 tips to lower your…

1/ Telephone operators: assess your needs and identify unnecessary expenses Check what your real needs are: for the telephone, for example, you mainly use the landline and can you be content with 2 hours of monthly mobile calls, you will easily find packages at 2 or 3 €. For unlimited calls, but low internet data … Read more