A notary from Tarbes creates a crazy inheritance story using the Chat GPT tool and causes buzz

A notary from Tarbes creates a crazy inheritance story using

The tweet, which unfolded a scenario entirely created by artificial intelligence, has been seen more than 850,000 times and taken up by national news sites, posing “real ethical questions” according to Me Jean-Baptiste Bullet. “I have just read a will that left me speechless. My client, who passed away a month ago, revealed the existence … Read more

Tarbes. Electronics, household appliances: the repair boom

Tarbes Electronics household appliances the repair boom

More and more individuals are repairing their electronic devices or household appliances instead of changing them. But repairers, who are too rare, are beginning to overwhelm with requests. In the concept of sustainable development, the important word, we often forget, is “sustainable”. However, today, electronic devices or household appliances are less and less durable… However, … Read more

Tarbes: the city deploys an IT cybersecurity plan

DossierIA et gaming les meilleures intelligences artificielles du Jeu

the essential Following an audit, the municipality of Tarbes is deploying, over 3 years, a plan to improve and strengthen the security of its computer system in order to better protect itself from possible cyberattacks. “In terms of IT, it is essential to protect yourself as well as possible and to adopt good practices” hammered … Read more