Nvidia bangs its fist on the metaverse table: discover the new tools for developers – LeBigData.fr

Nvidia bangs its fist on the metaverse table discover the

In order to stimulate the development of the metaverse and to make it more realistic, Nvidia has just unveiled new tools intended for the creators of virtual worlds. On the program: realistic and emotional avatars, embodied virtual assistants, physical simulations or even a 3D internet… Since the beginning of summer 2022, thethe hype around the … Read more

TABLE TENNIS: The Ping Tour caravan passing through Marsannay-la-Côte this Saturday

TABLE TENNIS The Ping Tour caravan passing through Marsannay la Cote this

This event around table tennis travels throughout France to promote this sport. In Bourgogne-Franche-Comté, the French Table Tennis Federation has selected the Marsannay-la-Côte club to host the Ping Tour 2022. Organized in all regions of France from May 6 to September 10, 2022 by the French Table Tennis Federation and the Paris 2024 Olympic Games … Read more

VrOOm lève 1,5 million d’euros et prépare (déjà) un 2e tour de table pour accélérer sur le Métavers

Invitée le 23 mai à l’inauguration du nouveau studio de l’IDEM au Soler (Pyrénées-Orientales) en compagnie de Jean-Michel Jarre, partenaire de longue date de la startup, VRrOOm en a profité pour dévoiler ses plans pour les mois qui viennent. « Nous sommes très satisfaits de notre première levée de fonds, 1,5 million d’euros, réalisée sans dilution de … Read more

Speeding – Mobile, on-board or off-board radar: the official 2022 table of margins of error

If the technical margins established by Road Safety in the event of speeding still cause much reaction among drivers, some of whom dispute the abuse of language and the veracity of use, they officially exist. Here they are, concerning the so-called mobile radars. At the wheel, nobody, or almost, can claim to be safe from … Read more