Seen from abroad. In Marseille, the battle against video surveillance

Google say goodbye to this iconic application

As she walks towards Marseille’s central station, Eda Nano points to what looks like a lamppost in the Rue des Abeilles. The long foot curves at its top, where is attached a white dome housing a dark colored bulb. In fact, this elegant piece of street furniture is not a lamppost, but a CCTV camera … Read more

Employees fear surveillance in potential metaverse workplace

Employees fear surveillance in potential metaverse workplace

With workplaces so dispersed and decentralized by the pandemic, the idea of ​​a metaverse office has emerged. This presents itself as a way for employees to share a virtual space, no matter where they are physically. Some decided to dig in to see how well employees and employers welcome the concept, surveying 1,500 of them. … Read more

Limitless surveillance: how the Chinese authorities want to predict the behavior of citizens with artificial intelligence

A long and frightening investigation by the New York Times reveals the extent of the means implemented by the Chinese police to try to guess behavior considered to be at risk. Where will the surveillance of Chinese citizens end? In a fascinating article published this weekend, the New York Times lifts the veil on a … Read more

Video surveillance: three technological innovations at the service of the police and the people of Nice

“Constantly seek new technological solutions in order to be more efficient”, such is the ambition displayed this Thursday morning by Christian Estrosi. The mayor of Nice unveiled from the urban supervision center (CSU) three new technologies which should “improve the conditions of travel, traffic and safety” of the people of Nice. The presentation of a … Read more