Support for Startups in Artificial Intelligence – Côte d’Azur

Support for Startups in Artificial Intelligence Cote dAzur

On July 8, Université Côte d’Azur, on behalf of the3IA Institute Côte d’Azurand thePACA-EST incubator will sign a partnership agreement to support startup projects in Artificial Intelligence. The program “Start-it-up 3IA” set up by the 3IA Côte d’Azur aims to support start-ups or start-up creation projects that promote work in the field of artificial intelligence, … Read more

Made in Afrcia: Digital Africa and Proparco in financing support for Tech companies

Made in Afrcia Digital Africa and Proparco in financing support

As part of its 2022-2025 roadmap, Digital Africa will support 200 African startups at different stages of their growth with a wide range of offers available to them. Thanks to joint and long-term mobilization with Proparco, new investment and support schemes are being implemented to support Tech Made in Africa companies. Convinced that digital innovations … Read more

Faced with telework, stress affects IT support teams Computerworld

Faced with telework stress affects IT support teams Computerworld

While on-site IT support has become scarce, IT support staff are under increasing pressure to help remote workers. They demand better tools and suitable working conditions. There will be no turning back. IT support has changed forever, as more and more employees now work from a number of remote locations and are no longer sitting … Read more

In the digital age, Thales and triPica support mobile operators in their digital transformation

In the digital age Thales and triPica support mobile operators

Faced with the growing phenomenon of digitization, Thales is joining forces with tripica to develop a mobile solution offering a simplified and secure customer journey. Based on the technological complementarity of the two companies, the solution optimizes the user experience and the management of the subscriber account, while facilitating the enrollment of new customers remotely. … Read more

Apple introduces new online training courses and certifications for IT support and management – Reuters News in France and abroad

Apple today announced the launch of a new professional training and certifications for IT support and management course, providing a completely redesigned, self-paced online training platform where users can learn everything they need to know about supporting and managing Apple devices, including the iPhone, iPad and Mac at work. Two new Apple professional training courses—Apple … Read more

Artificial Intelligence: Why it is vital to support its integration into the company

Without support, humans often find themselves alone in the face of algorithms intended to make their lives easier. The specialist in business intelligence, Sindup, tells us how, for 10 years, he has been helping organizations to train managers and employees thanks to a catalog designed to address all profiles. Combining artificial intelligence and collective intelligence … Read more

Solaris: From the support network to the human internet

“Language is a treasure deposited by the practice of speech in subjects belonging to the same community. » Ferdinand de Saussure The limits of the Internet The Internet is a great vehicle for connecting people; social networks are among its most notable features. In one click it is possible to be in contact with people … Read more

Apple criticized because Safari on iOS still does not support WebXR

⏰ 1 hour ago Medhi Naitmazi React If Apple has invested heavily in augmented reality since the introduction of its own SDK called ARKit since the appearance of the iPhone X in 2017, the firm has not opened its system to other open standards on the web. Industry experts say the company “has been a … Read more