“Why is artificial intelligence struggling to break into real estate?”, Benoit Galy – MySweetimmo

Benoit Galy, founder of Vizzit wonders about the reasons that hinder the use of artificial intelligence in real estate. Artificial intelligence, everyone talks about it, many claim to use it but in fact, few actually use it wisely… In the world of “Machine Learning”, to create a useful service for users, it is you have … Read more

Catering is struggling to recruit: “Assisted French people who prefer to stay on their sofa with crisps”

While hundreds of thousands of seasonal jobs are not filled, lawyer Sarah Saldmann got carried away on the set of RMC, this Monday, May 16. Looking for servers. While a good number of people are unemployed, one sector is particularly in search of labour, catering. Indeed, with the coming summer, seasonal job offers continue to … Read more