“Digital creation must become mobile first”, Martin Clamart (Mobile Marketing Association) – Strategies

“Do you still make horizontal videos for your digital com? — Yes, I don’t have the budget to make more specific mobile creations. This is what a digital marketing manager could say to his CMO. This is what we still see today but which has fortunately evolved in recent years. With 70% of internet traffic … Read more

Improving the visibility of a startup on the Internet: Tips and strategies

Improving the visibility of a startup on the Internet Tips.webp

Improve the visibility of a startup on the Internet When you have a young company, making it visible on the Internet is essential. This is why it is necessary, even essential, to put in place a strategy to ensure that your company can be seen by the greatest number of people. In this article, we … Read more

Jean-Michel Jarre and VRrOOm want to weigh in on the metaverse – Strategies

If Louis Cacciuttolo, founder of VRrOOm, gave an appointment on May 31 at the Palais des Mirages of the Grévin Museum, in Paris, to announce the creation of a French metaverse, it is not without reason. “I came here with my family when I was 5 or 6 years old and once in this room … Read more

Metaverse: the five favorite strategies of brands to make their place in the virtual world

The digital universe is not a new concept, and while the fashion industry quickly took an interest in it, the presence of sector players in the digital world has grown at breakneck speed in recent years. . In summary, 2022 will have been the year of digital integration and activations in the metaverse. A new … Read more

“The future of the mobile app depends on its daily usefulness”, Tiphaine Coupel (Infobip) – Strategies

Creating a mobile application is expensive, not only to develop it but also to maintain and update it afterwards. In addition, for several years now, some have been predicting the end of it and, in March 2022, the European Union reached an agreement on the Digital Market Act (DMA) involving the interoperability of instant messaging … Read more

Artificial intelligence, the new frontier of creation? – Strategies

May 11, 1997, France was still not world football champion but an even more decisive match marked history, it announced an upheaval for our civilization. I remember, the news was everywhere. Chess champion Garry Kasparov, the best human in the discipline, lost the sixth game of a historic match against Deep Blue, the 1.4 ton … Read more

New Research Uncovers Edge Computing Challenges and Highlights Strategies to Future-Proof Edge Capabilities

Responses from over 1,000 IT professionals and decision makers uncover deployment drivers, challenges and solutions for edge computing to maintain resiliency, connectivity and support digitally-enabled, connected operations that are secure, reliable, resilient and durable. Edge computing is a critical enabler of a transition to digitally-centric connected operations. Designing, planning, building and maintaining the technology capabilities … Read more