Apps can now use third-party payments on the Korean App Store

Earlier this year, Apple announced that it would comply with a new law in South Korea that required the company allows third-party payment systems in App Store apps. Starting today, developers can finally apply to use payment methods other than Apple’s in-apps in their apps distributed in South Korea. Almost a year later In August … Read more

iPhone: European developers highlighted on the App Store!

iPhone European developers highlighted on the App Store

European developers are entitled to their heyday on the App Store for the iPhone and other Apple products. In case you are part of a European company… And if this one works for applications for the App Store, you will be delighted. Since Apple has just put forward several European developers on the iPhone store. … Read more

Meta Store: developers denounce excessive fees Computerworld

Meta Store developers denounce excessive fees Computerworld

Facebook’s parent company is under fire from critics because of its Meta Store containing applications for its Quest 2 virtual reality headset. Excessive development costs and lack of consensus worsen the relationship between Meta and developers. Is the metaverse a near future or a complete utopia? What is certain is that Meta, the parent company … Read more

Try These 5 Hidden Google Play Store Tricks TechRadar

Try These 5 Hidden Google Play Store Tricks TechRadar

Google Play Store is the largest application market in the world which allows users to download different types of applications and games to their android devices. Sometimes, the Google Play Store distribution platform can bring you problems related to downloading apps. These Google Play Store app download issues may occur in the following scenarios. Your … Read more

Hermit spyware claims victims from the App Store Computerworld

Used by the government of Kazakhstan, the Hermit spyware developed by the Italian RCS Labs attacks both Android and iOS terminals. Users should be even more wary, as fake account management applications carrying spyware have been identified on the App Store. As old as the world, spyware is still – unfortunately – on the rise. … Read more