Computer programming: The steps to learn to code

Computer programming The steps to learn to code

For neophytes, it may seem complex, but it is enough to know the basics to succeed in coding. What are the steps to learn to code? Understand computer programming The computer programming is a method of writing software applications to solve specific problems. The best way for most companies to expose their product to the … Read more

Terminate my internet box: What steps to avoid paying?

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Do you want to cancel your internet box without paying cancellation fees? This is possible in some cases. Discover them in this guide. Do you want to cancel your internet box after finding a better offer from another operator? Are you moving to an area not covered by your internet provider? Are you fed up … Read more

3 Key Steps to Maintaining a Strong IT Team in a Time of Labor Shortage

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Leaders must act to ensure effective and sustainable teams. The key is to attract, retain and develop talent while using the right IT infrastructure. The shortage of labor which affects many sectors of the French economy is at the origin of the recent reform of unemployment insurance with an unemployment rate above 7% and vacancies … Read more

It happened at Free and in telecoms: the Freebox goes to a completely different definition, SFR takes its first steps in the mobile…

It happened at Free and in telecoms the Freebox goes

Like every week, we offer you our column “It happened at Free and in the Telecoms…” This one invites you to dive back into the events that made the news of the current week, but during the years , the decades, even the previous centuries. These events will concern Free of course, but more broadly … Read more

Vietnam steps up internet crackdown, cracks down on advertising content

Vietnam steps up internet crackdown cracks down on advertising content

The Ministry of Information and Communications of the Vietnam released a statement last week stating that companies will not have the right to place advertisements on content deemed ” toxic contrary to the state, or infringing copyright. The Bureau of Broadcasting and Electronic Information has communicated in this sense by alerting against the content ” … Read more

The main steps for a successful ERP project

The main steps for a successful ERP project

The increasing digitization of business operations is leading them to rethink their historical systems and processes in depth and to equip themselves with new tools. In this context, before opting for a particular type of technology, professionals must ask themselves the right questions and build an industrial and scalable system that will serve as a … Read more

The Huawei Mate 50 Pro takes its first steps in Europe with a fabulous price

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The Huawei Mate 50 Pro arrives in Europe at a price of 1199 euros. This price falls within the standard of those charged in the very high-end segment, but it is far too high for a smartphone unable to access Google services and connect to 5G. Huawei Mate 50 Pro // Source: Huawei Early September, … Read more

Three steps to take to prepare for the arrival of quantum computing

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Quantum computing is fast approaching and it is high time for companies to prepare for this technological revolution by implementing a strategic plan. Hardware giants such as IBM are moving closer to the goals set out in their roadmaps, developing technologies that support more and more qubits with lower error rates. At the same time, … Read more