Protests in Iran: nearly 100 Starlink satellites are active in the fight against censorship

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Starlink to the aid of freedom of expression in Iran. The constellation deployed by SpaceX now has around 100 satellites ready to operate in the country, according to a statement by Elon Musk on Monday, December 26. A boost for Iranians who have been physically and virtually repressed for several months, after numerous clashes with … Read more

Starlink: Elon Musk’s satellite Internet traffic multiplied by 15 in 2022

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For Elon Musk and Starlink, 2022 will remain a special year. If the billionaire has particularly distinguished himself in recent months with the incredible takeover of Twitter, he has also widely promoted his Starlink satellite internet network, in particular on the occasion of the war in Ukraineand more recently during protests in Iran. As a … Read more

Starlink internet traffic exploded in 2022

Starlink internet traffic exploded in 2022

Cloudflare observed a very strong increase in Internet traffic through Starlink, SpaceX’s Internet access service, for the year 2022. 100,000 customers claimed in August 2021 and now over a million, according to a waypoint provided in December 2022. According to SpaceX, its satellite Internet access service — star link — is progressing well. The operator … Read more

Starlink: it’s the end of unlimited Internet by satellite without restriction

Starlink its the end of unlimited Internet by satellite without

In the United States, Starlink will limit the flow beyond 1 TB of data consumed each month… unless you pay an additional fee. If mobile Internet access is still often limited to a certain ceiling of usable data each month, fixed packages have the advantage of being uncapped. Gone are the days when Internet users … Read more

Will Starlink replace mobile operators?

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In the United States, SpaceX has just obtained theauthorization to grow its Starlink constellation to more than 10,000 satellites in orbit. A few months ago, we learned that Starlink had entered into a partnership with T-Mobile, in order to deliver satellite connectivity to subscribers in white areas in the United States. However, on December 6, … Read more

Starlink will help consolidate the internet in the most remote places in the UK

Starlink will help consolidate the internet in the most remote

the british government appointed star link for a test so equip the most remote homes and businesses with access Internet broadband. The UK’s aim is to improve overall connectivity guaranteeing the entire population the reception of reliable coverage. An interesting project for Elon Musk’s company since he responds to his desire to provide high-speed Internet … Read more

Ukraine: Musk stops funding its Starlink satellite internet network, the Pentagon called for help

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Philanthropy has limits, even in times of war. The American company SpaceX says it no longer has the means to pay for the deployment of its Starlink internet network in Ukraine. So said his boss Elon Musk on Friday. A way of asking the American government to take over this precious technological aid for the … Read more

I’m afraid I won’t have the internet anymore because of Elon Musk’s whims around Starlink

Im afraid I wont have the internet anymore because of

News JVTech I’m afraid I won’t have the internet anymore because of Elon Musk’s whims around Starlink Published on 20/11/2022 at 10:35 I have been a Starlink user since the very early days, and I am totally dependent on this means of connection in my household and cannot say that using it is like a … Read more

“Very difficult to do without”: Ukrainian fears of losing the Starlink internet network

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The financing of the internet network was recently questioned by Elon Musk. In Ukraine, the armed forces thought they saw their Starlink antennas become unusable. Few people took Elon Musk’s threat to stop funding for Ukraine’s Starlink internet network as seriously as Ukrainian major Roman Omelchenko. And for good reason, the soldier is responsible for … Read more

Starlink Maritime: SpaceX launches its Internet service accessible at sea

Starlink Maritime SpaceX launches its Internet service accessible at sea

Starlink launches its Maritime service, making it possible to use the Internet anywhere in the world, on seas and oceans. Article updated on July 11, 2022 : that’s it, SpaceX has just announced its Starlink Maritime service. Resistant to water, salt, wind and rocket landing, the service offers, for $5,000 a month (and a payment … Read more