Gemini sighting of distant quasar reveals evidence of first-generation star that died in ‘super-supernova’ explosion Astronomy & Astrophysics News

VPN vs Router Security Understanding It All

Astronomers may have discovered the ancient chemical remnants of the first stars to light up the Universe. Using innovative analysis of a distant quasar observed by the 8.1-meter Gemini North Telescope in Hawai’i, operated by NSF’s NOIRLab, scientists have found an unusual ratio of elements that, according to them, could only have come from the … Read more

Star Wars: how will AI replace Darth Vader’s voice? –

Star Wars how will AI replace Darth Vaders voice

Following the retirement of voice actor James Earl Jones, Darth Vader’s voice will now be generated by an AI. For the continuation of the Star Wars saga, Lucasfilm has decided to exploit the Ukrainian software Respeecher allowing to clone a voice… For 45 years, James Earl Jones has lent his voice to the iconic villain … Read more

Star Wars: Darth Vader replaced by an artificial intelligence

BalanceTonInfluenceur five minutes to understand the accusations against internet stars

Darth Vader becomes eternal thanks to artificial intelligence and the help of a Ukrainian company. Darth Vader is retiring. James Earl Jones is enjoying a well-deserved warrior’s rest after nearly half a century of lending his voice to the most iconic villain in movie history. As he bids farewell to the Sith Lord, Disney must … Read more

Why Avicenna, a young Internet star doctor, left social networks

BAC 2022 Will the internet connection still be cut in

Paris, France – He accumulated more than 100,000 followers on social networks and overnight, he decided to leave them. the Dr. Walid Mekeddemaka Avicenna, explains why at Medscape. Break free from networks It’s a rare decision for a young doctor with established internet fame: last July, Dr. Walid Mekeddem, better known by the pseudonym of … Read more

Star Citizen Monthly Report: August 2022 Monthly Report

Mobile plan sales Red by SFR puts the competition in

Star Citizen’s Monthly Reports allow developers at Cloud Imperium Games to explain the work done over the past month. They give an overview of the project and the functionalities being prepared. Artificial intelligence (content) Non-player characters can now interact with three new objects in hospitals: a desk where they can sit and do administrative tasks; … Read more

I tested for you: in the shoes of a Star Wars character in virtual reality at the Châlons Fair – Journal L’Union

I tested for you in the shoes of a Star

Helmeted with two controllers: I immersed myself in the world of virtual reality. My objective: to break as many cubes as possible with my lightsabers: will I succeed in accomplishing my mission? We don’t look very good with the helmet, but we promise, we have fun. -Boris Marois We don’t look very good with the … Read more

Accused of being the star who pollutes the most, Taylor Swift triggers a viral internet phenomenon

Accused of being the star who pollutes the most Taylor

With 170 private jet flights per year, Taylor Swift is accused of being the star who pollutes the most. His bizarre response ended up turning the critics into viral memes. Which stars pollute the most ? This is the question posed by the site The YardJuly 29, 2022. Result: a ranking of celebrities who use … Read more

Star Ctizen Monthly Report: May 2022 Monthly Report

The Star Citizen Monthly Reports give us an overview of the work that has been keeping developers at Cloud Imperium Games busy over the past month. Here is what we remember from this month of May 2022. Artificial intelligence (content) The team considered that the visual rendering of the characters’ movements did not live up … Read more

D+For Care, the tricolor rising star of brands born on the Internet

It doesn’t do much like other start-ups. However, D+For Carea nugget specializing in the design of food supplements, cosmetics and well-being products, is following a hypergrowth curve just as ascending as the prestigious members of the French Tech 120 . After starting on Instagram in March 2018 with a product based on collagen and spirulina, … Read more

Star Wars: Puzzle Droids, the intergalactic Candy Crush

This is perhaps the favorite mobile game of Obi-Wan Kenobi and all the characters from Star Wars : Puzzle Droids is a fun and addictive puzzle game, which challenges players to help the adorable BB-8 regain his memory, in a game that looks like candy Crush. Will the Force be with you? How many times … Read more