Next.e.GO Mobile prsente son modle sportif au Goodwood Festival of Speed

Class dans : L’environnement, Science et technologie, Transport, Vacance et tourisme, Sports et loisir, Chasse, pche et plein airSujet : Responsabilit sociale des entreprises e.GO clbre l’avenir de la mobilit lectrique l’Electric Avenue de Goodwood Cette coopration s’inscrit dans le droit chemin de la devise d’e.GO: Voitures lectriques: le plaisir sans regret AACHEN, Allemagne, 25 … Read more

Speed ​​race to take a position on the space internet – Sciences et Avenir

Speed ​​race to take a position on the space internet

Satellite internet, already a commercial reality, will see competition intensify with the planned deployment of thousands of low-Earth orbiting craft, meant to bring broadband around the world without the cumbersome infrastructure on the ground. Amazon took a decisive step on Tuesday in the deployment of its Kuiper constellation, with a budget of more than 10 … Read more

How T-Mobile is breaking 5G speed records in the United States and why our smartphones are not ready to take advantage of it

The American operator has reached 3 Gbit/s of speed on its commercial network by aggregating several 5G frequency bands. We explain to you why the conditions are not met in France to obtain the same performance. T-Mobile announces this week that it has reached a peak of 3 Gbps of download speed on its network … Read more

Free Mobile makes better use of “real 5G” to deliver better speed

Free Mobile makes better use of real 5G to deliver

Free Mobile announces changes in its use of a 5G band, called core band. Roughly, this evolution on the “real 5G” will make it possible to deliver more bandwidth. This is very good news for Free Mobile customers, at least for those who are close to compatible relay antennas. On May 18, 2022, the operator … Read more

Japan: Engineers Break World Record for Fastest Internet Speed

At Japanengineers have set a new world record for the fastest internet speed, and it’s so powerful that you would be able to download nearly 80,000 movies in a single second. Credit: Landry Miguel See also Internet speed is generally measured by the amount of data that can be transmitted between two devices in one … Read more

Broadband Index Cisco 2022: Plan France Very High Speed, 71% of French people want the acceleration of the deployment of a high-speed and reliable Internet connection – Forbes France

Broadband Index Cisco 2022 Plan France Very High Speed 71

Cisco recently unveiled the new edition of its Broadband Index which demonstrates the demandingthis increase in French people regarding the quality of their Internet connection. Conducted with nearly 60,000 working people across 30 countries, with a particular focus on France, the study questions their opinion on their access to the Internet, the quality of theirconnection … Read more