ChatGPT explained to my grandma: how does artificial intelligence (AI) learn to speak?

ChatGPT explained to my grandma how does artificial intelligence AI

“How does he know how to speak ChatGPT?” So that, Grandma, is the $100,000 question. To begin with, ChatGPT is an artificial intelligence that is part of a discipline called “Machine learning” (automatic learning), and more precisely of a family that bears the name of “deep learning” (the deep learning). These are fields of research … Read more

“I bought dental veneers on the Internet, and now I can’t speak”

Tesla AI Day what to expect from Elon Musks show

There’s usually nothing wrong with making a few aesthetic adjustments. They can boost our self-confidence, and even make our oldest complexes disappear. It’s for improve your smile that this mother ordered a kit of dental veneers. Unfortunately, the end result wasn’t exactly what she hoped for… Sara Nash, known on TikTok as @saranash5182, regularly shares … Read more

Archives: artificial intelligence makes documents speak

Archives artificial intelligence makes documents speak

New functionalities with unsuspected possibilities, change of scale in the cross-referencing of information, automated recognition of writings… For several years, the contributions of artificial intelligence to archival research have proved to be of incomparable richness and unprecedented. ” Artificial intelligence then reveals a treasure, it makes the documents speak! sums up Françoise Banat-Berger, head of … Read more