Metavers: Ubisoft, Sorare, The Sandbox… The French are taking over the new world

More than 600,000 euros spent to become the owner of the virtual thumbnail of Haaland, a Norwegian footballer approached to join Real Madrid… It is one marker among others of Sorare’s success with football fans. In this online game inspired by the transfer window, football fans can acquire, via an auction system and the Ethereum … Read more

Sorare releases its mobile application, the beginning of the marketing conquest?

Sorare releases its mobile application the beginning of the marketing

If you’ve never heard of Sorare, it’s an NFT-based fantasy football game. Each year, and for each player present in the game, 1,111 cards are issued in the form of NFTs. Classified into different levels, the most common are edited 1,000 times, the rare 100 times, the super rare 10 times, and the unique ones… … Read more

Sorare: complete guide to the NFT fantasy football game that is driving the web crazy

Sorare complete guide to the NFT fantasy football game that

Sorare represents the new generation of fantasy football but in a more complex version. This comprehensive guide covers all the steps you need to take to get started on the platform. Sorare is a fantasy football game available worldwide, played with digital cards NFT under license of your choice. These can be used collectively to … Read more