They have chosen a job that hires. Louis, 20, computer science student: “I love solving problems”

With his baccalaureate in hand, Louis embarked on a five-year course at Epitech Nice, a private school specializing in IT. What is your background? I did a science baccalaureate with the Computer Science and Digital Sciences option. I already wanted to turn to new technologies so I applied to Epitech. To enter this paying school, … Read more

New Research Shows Long-Term Personality Traits Influence Problem Solving in Zebra Finches

Personality is not unique to humans. New research published in the journal Royal Society Open Science demonstrates that zebra finches have personalities and certain traits are consistent across two years of the birds’ lives. Besides showing a stable personality, zebra finches innovated solutions to new foraging tasks, where sometimes success was tied to personality type. … Read more