Controversy in Ariège: when a sentence from the mayor of Lercoul ignites social networks

Controversy in Ariege when a sentence from the mayor of

the essential For having made virulent remarks against the students supporting Eric Zemmour, François Lafon, the Insoumis mayor of Lercoul, has been the target of violent attacks for several days. “If some students voted for Macron, Ciotti, Le Pen or even Roussel, I don’t respect them very much… But if some voted for Zemmour, I … Read more

Influencers in France: profiles, preferred social networks, partnerships…

1673720920 Influencers in France profiles preferred social networks partnerships…

Reech has just published the 7th edition of his study dedicated to influencer marketing. In partnership with the Norstat polling institute, 11,011 social network users were questioned during the month of December 2022. The objective of the study this year: to understand consumer expectations, and the link they have with content creators. Key figures and … Read more

xR-BOM tree structure: the link between PLM and immersive content! – SOCIAL IT

1673603722 xR BOM tree structure the link between PLM and immersive content

More and more manufacturers are implementing Product Lifecycle Management (PLM) tools. The global market is expected to grow by 8.5% per year until 2030 according to research firm Grandview Research. But the links between PLM tools and immersive tools (Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, Mixed Reality) can malfunction. Fortunately, the xR-BOM tree fixes this problem. Explanations … Read more

Joe Biden calls for cracking down on social networks that don’t protect their users enough

Joe Biden calls for cracking down on social networks that

In a column published Wednesday on the site of the wall street journalthe American head of state called on elected officials on both sides to unite to strengthen legislation on the protection of personal data and minor users, as well as to fight against discrimination, “ sexual exploitation ” and the ” cyber harassment “. … Read more

Internet Security, Traffic and Performance Review – IT SOCIAL

1673558438 Internet Security Traffic and Performance Review IT SOCIAL

A detailed global analysis of traffic trends on popular platforms and cyber threats shows the dominance of websites in the technology sector, the engine of the Internet. But they are also the preferred target of cyberattacks. Cloudflare’s 2022 review on the technical state of the Web, gives a clear and explicit vision of it through … Read more

Has Australia introduced social credit for internet access?

Tesla AI Day what to expect from Elon Musks show

A video from April 2021 suggesting a form of social credit for logging into social media in Australia is currently being shared online. Question asked by Jo on December 13 A video from an Australian television news is shared on social networks in France and abroad to affirm that in Australia, “social credit [est] introduced … Read more

In northern Nigeria, criticizing policies on social media can lead to jail

In northern Nigeria criticizing policies on social media can lead

Mubarak Muhammad, aka Unique Pikin, sets up his phone to shoot a video in the courtyard of his house in the city of Kano, as his two brothers look on, in December 2022. LIZA FABBIAN An air of pop music rises from the small courtyard hidden at the end of an alley in Gwale, a … Read more

How the “bolsonarists” organized themselves on social networks

Does Obi Wan Kenobis Strength Come From StageCraft

There was an air of déjà vu, this Sunday, in Brasilia, the capital brazilianwhen supporters of Jair Bolsonaro have invaded places of power. Two years ago, almost to the day, on January 6, 2021, thousands of activists from donald trump had gathered in front of the Capitol, in Washington, to dispute the result of the … Read more

Social networks. Will TikTok be completely banned in the United States?

Specialist in cardiac arrhythmia the medtech Volta Medical wants to

The future of TikTok seems particularly uncertain in the United States. US President Joe Biden signed a law last week banning the popular video-sharing platform from public servants’ devices. The text also prohibits the use of the social network in the House of Representatives and the Senate. And the increased weight in Congress of Republicans, … Read more

Controversy on social networks: what is the Occitan cross doing among far-right symbols?

Controversy on social networks what is the Occitan cross doing

The “Indextreme” website set fire to the powder by publishing symbols used or even hijacked by the far right. Next to the swastika, we find the Occitan cross. Many Internet users say they are dismayed and question the classification made by this new site. All about: The Festival of Lights 2022 in Lyon It’s a … Read more