Remittances as an economic and social driver

In Japan an application project to discourage sexual predators on

In these countries, the sending of money by relatives is vital for the development and prosperity of families. And for good reason, more than 280 million migrants in developed countries send part of their salary to their relatives every year. These shipments, called ‘money transfer’; or ‘funds transfer’ (remissions in English), accounted for more than … Read more

Influencer on social networks, a job like any other?

Launch of the new website of the fishing port of

Sawards evening at the very chic Châtelet theater in Paris, on September 19th. At the ForYouAwards, we wanted to copy the Césars – “but less boring” – to reward… influencers. Finally, content creators on social networks. In their gala attire, the young winners parade on stage to the applause of the public made up of … Read more

After the death of Mahsa Amini, the faces of the protesters killed in Iran appear on social networks

After the death of Mahsa Amini the faces of the

Ghazaleh Chalabi, Hadis Najafi and Hananeh Kian are among around 50 victims of Iran’s crackdown on the “morals police”, the NGOs reported. INTERNATIONAL – Dead for freedom. The head of the Iranian judiciary threatened, this Sunday, September 25, not to show“no leniency” towards the demonstrators after nine days of protest across the country to protest … Read more

“Social networks are a machine for feeding divisions”

Social networks are a machine for feeding divisions

Social networksdating application, telecommuting, streaming platform, artificial intelligence… All areas of our daily lives have been taken over by digital technology. The Covid crisis, and periods of confinement, have accelerated this digital revolution, for better or for worse. In “Homo numericus. The Coming Civilization » (Albin Michel editions), the economist Daniel Cohen analyzes this digital … Read more

Social fraud: social security goes on the hunt for abuses committed by health professionals

Google say goodbye to this iconic application

11:36 p.m., September 24, 2022, amended to 11:36 p.m., September 24, 2022 It’s a big operation social anti-fraud which will be launched on September 30 by Social Security. And a taboo that is shattered: in the care sector too, which is often chosen out of taste for others more than excess profit, there are black … Read more

Secularism: State services reveal an Islamist offensive on social networks targeting students

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10:20 p.m., September 23, 2022 Two notes from state services alerted to numerous messages on social networks, encouraging students to break the rules related to secularism at school. Accounts would call for wearing Islamic clothing or praying within the establishment. A “strategy of Salafo-Brotherhood entry” attempts to interfere in classrooms and incite students to break … Read more

Why Avicenna, a young Internet star doctor, left social networks

BAC 2022 Will the internet connection still be cut in

Paris, France – He accumulated more than 100,000 followers on social networks and overnight, he decided to leave them. the Dr. Walid Mekeddemaka Avicenna, explains why at Medscape. Break free from networks It’s a rare decision for a young doctor with established internet fame: last July, Dr. Walid Mekeddem, better known by the pseudonym of … Read more

How industries are taking advantage of social media to “go green”

Une oeuvre dart generee par une IA gagne le premier

The Greenpeace organization recommends banning advertisements for fossil fuels, like what was done for tobacco. An image showing a plane half-turned into a shark, hashtags deceptively evoking clean energy, or images of nature being abusively bombarded… a new report by researchers at Harvard University published on Tuesday September 20 highlights the many practices companies to … Read more

Valenciennes. At 23, Yanis manages the social networks of several football stars

Valenciennes At 23 Yanis manages the social networks of several

By Margot Nicodeme Published on 21 Sep 22 at 7:52 Lille News See my news Follow this media Freshly graduated from Iscom Lille, Yanis Chakib would like to share his future career: connecting brands and players on the one hand, and giving conferences on the other. (©DR) It has been ten years since Yanis Chakib23, … Read more

Trans People: When a Bad Study Becomes a Social Media Hit

In Japan an application project to discourage sexual predators on

In fact, the original text couldn’t even claim to have demonstrated anything: it was a theory, according to which the desire to change sex could be the sole result of some kind of social contagion. In other words, the person who thought he was relying on a diagnosis of ” gender dysphoria (when their gender … Read more