Using machine learning and simple X-ray spectra, researchers can discover compounds that could power next-generation computer chips or quantum devices. – News Physics and Quantum Computing

Soon in France the same Internet regulation as in California

Topological materials, an exotic class of materials whose surfaces exhibit different electrical or functional properties than their interiors, have been a hot area of ​​research since their experimental realization in 2007 – a discovery that sparked new research and precipitated a Nobel Prize in Physics in 2016 These materials are believed to have great potential … Read more

iPhone: delete all duplicate contacts with this super simple trick! – SkyNewsEurope

iPhone delete all duplicate contacts with this super simple trick scaled

© iPhone delete all duplicate contacts with this super simple trick – Photo credit Unsplash Deploy Collapse the table of contents It’s a device that millions of French people own. And this is expressed in different aspects that the iPhone offers. But here is a trick to help you delete your duplicate contacts! Technological advances … Read more

Meta présente Make-A-Video pour créer une vidéo à partir d’un simple texte

Meta, le groupe à la tête de Facebook, vient de dévoiler Make-A-Video. Avec cette intelligence artificielle, il est possible de créer automatiquement une image ou une courte vidéo (GIF) à partir d’un texte écrit. Découvrons ensemble comment cela fonctionne. Bluffant et fascinant Si l’on compare ce qu’il est possible de faire sur internet (ou via … Read more

Meta’s new AI can generate videos from simple text

Your package has been delivered this scam siphons off all

This Friday, September 30, Meta unveiled an artificial intelligence (AI) system that generates short videos from simple text instructions. Concretely, “Make-a-Video” lets you type in a series of words like “A dog wearing a superhero outfit with a red cape flies through the sky” and it then generates a five-second video clip that, well precise … Read more

Ce simple geste Android rendrait iOS 16 tellement plus intuitif | NextPit

Ce simple geste Android rendrait iOS 16 tellement plus intuitif

Vous êtes plutôt boutons ou gestes tactiles pour naviguer dans l’interface de votre smartphone? Perso, je suis plutôt gestes, même carrément gestes en fait. Et après deux semaines à tester l’iPhone 14 Pro Max au quotidien, les gestes de navigation d’Android me manquent. Le geste de retour en particulier est devenu une merveille d’intuitivité à mes … Read more

Is your mobile being spied on or hacked? This simple detail lets you know

Is your mobile being spied on or hacked This simple

If the info is now accessible at the end of clicks, our personal data has also become increasingly exposed. Indeed, it is proportional: the more we use the internet, the more chances that someone can access our research, our photos, our contacts, or our messages. It is certain that no one is safe from a … Read more

With this simple trick you can make your mobile automatically mute when you enter an application

With this simple trick you can make your mobile automatically

Discover how you can automatically deactivate your mobile when you enter an application thanks to Macrodroid. On more than one occasion you have surely been a little scared when you open Instagram or TikTok because in these two applications the videos start playing automatically and some of them have very loud sounds, which can be … Read more

Une simulation simple conduit accidentellement à une galaxie en forme de X pour la première fois – Actualités Astronomie et astrophysique

Google say goodbye to this iconic application

Lorsque les astronomes utilisent des radiotélescopes pour observer le ciel nocturne, ils voient généralement des galaxies de forme elliptique, avec des jets jumeaux soufflant de chaque côté de leur trou noir supermassif central. Mais de temps en temps – moins de 10 % du temps – les astronomes peuvent repérer quelque chose de spécial et … Read more

Here is why artificial intelligence cannot be considered as a simple tool (BY SANDRINE LAMBERT AND KARINE GENTELET)

1656764324 The Sandbox the metaverse that sells virtual land to brands

The topic of artificial intelligence (AI), in addition to the necessary attempts at definitions and clarifications, is often very polarizing. Some see this technology as brimming with possibilities for a better world and future, others see it as the certainty of a humanity that will end up in tatters, for lack of possible control in … Read more