Energy shortage: Internet cuts to be feared this winter?

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Telecom operators fear Internet cuts during the winter. According to them, the energy shortage could disrupt telecommunications networks. They point to one of the measures planned by the government to relieve the electricity network. The threat of a energy shortage hangs over Europe. Since the start of the Russian invasion of Ukraine, European countries have … Read more

Energy shortage: the government plans to cut Internet boxes this winter

Energy shortage the government plans to cut Internet boxes this

Internet cuts will take place this winter, confirmed this Jean-Noël Barrot, the Minister for the Digital Transition on Europe 1. The government plans to require telecom operators to update their boxes so that they automatically put on standby at night. A new measure of the energy sobriety plan. Since the start of the school year, … Read more

Electricity shortage: towards a cut in the Internet and mobile network

Electricity shortage towards a cut in the Internet and mobile

The winter season promises to be particularly difficult. Faced with the economic and geopolitical situation, the energy sector risks being strongly impacted. This is not without consequences for telecommunications operators directly linked to the sector. A case of force majeure such as the Russian-Ukrainian conflict automatically creates a supply and demand shock on electricity and … Read more

Shortage of IT profiles: CIOs are turning to low code Computerworld

Shortage of IT profiles CIOs are turning to low code

In France, more and more IT managers are opting for automation and self-service initiatives to address a growing IT skills deficit, reveals a study carried out by Mulesoft. Most CIOs (94%) now rely on low/no-code development platforms to fill the coder gap. The phenomenon of shortage of computer profiles is not new in France, but … Read more

Shortage. Swiss company desperately looking for IT

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During a recent round table held in Geneva on the current challenges of the labor market in Switzerland, the managing director of the recruitment firm Morgan Philips shared this anecdote: “A human resources director from a fine watch company asked me the other day: ‘Now I feel like I’m the one doing the interviews. It’s … Read more

Why the announced end of the shortage will not save the semiconductor sector

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A study by consultancy firm Roland Berger envisages an imminent end to the global shortage of chips under the effect of a sharp slowdown in demand. However, the sector requires an increase in its investments in order to optimize its production over the long term. The semiconductor sector sees the end of the tunnel. Largely … Read more

Could honey end the shortage of computer chips?

Researchers have developed an electronic chip based on honey. More ecological and renewable, can these innovative components put an end to the shortage that is paralyzing the industry? In a study published in the journal Journal of Physics D, researchers from Washington State University (WSU) believe that honey could be used to design electronic chips. … Read more

IT professions: job creation on the rise by 2030, risk of a talent shortage, etc.

IT professions job creation on the rise by 2030 risk

Good news for jobs: 1 million jobs should be created by 2030, according to the report Professions in 2030 published jointly by France Stratégie and the DARES (Directorate for the coordination of research, studies and statistics). This study, which is based on a nomenclature of 83 professional families, meets a dual objective: anticipate the recruitment … Read more

The iPhone 14 could arrive late, and it would still be the fault of the shortage and the pandemic

The iPhone 14 could arrive late and it would still

Foxconn, a key supplier to Apple, could see its revenue fall this quarter due to slowing demand and supply issues, in addition to the zero Covid policy in China. Enough to jeopardize the iPhone 14. Image credit: REUTERS/Bobby Yip Factory foxconna major subcontractor for Apple, has just warned that its revenues could fall during this … Read more