Online shopping scams – Buying on the internet: buy serenely

Bouygues Telecom releases a mobile plan that knocks out its

Verify the identity of the seller Before any order, it is recommended to check that the website on which you are browsing is not just a facade but that there is indeed a real company behind it. Online sellers are required to provide consumers with clear and easily accessible information about their identity. Look for … Read more

Attack on the Kremenchuk shopping center in Ukraine: the claims of the pro-Russians scrutinized

Since the attack by the Russian army on a shopping center on June 27, in Kremenchuk, in central Ukraine, false information has been circulating on social networks. Moscow says it was not the mall that was targeted, but rather a nearby ammunition stockpile. The center would simply have caught fire. Also according to Russia, the … Read more

One billion hours on Android phones (excluding China) on shopping apps!

One billion hours on Android phones excluding China on shopping

As consumers hunt for bargains amid inflation, time spent on shopping apps is expected to increase 39% from Prime Day 2021 and 137% from 2019. Americans spent $1.7 trillion online in the last two years of the pandemic (2020-2021), resulting in a 55% increase in online spending (desktop + mobile). Examination of time spent in … Read more

Pixel 6, Galaxy S22 and Xiaomi 12: the price of these smartphones is down for summer shopping RED

Pixel 6 Galaxy S22 and Xiaomi 12 the price of

The summer sales are in full swing, even among operators. RED is thus lowering the price of many smartphones, such as the Samsung Galaxy S22, the Xiaomi 12 5G or the Google Pixel 6, with or without a mobile plan. Source: Anthony Wonner – Frandroid Who says return of the beautiful days, says return of … Read more

The new eco – Wild Immersion immerses you in the heart of nature in the heart of the shopping center

The new eco Wild Immersion immerses you in the

The idea is surprising. Installing a space entirely dedicated to nature in the heart of a huge shopping center is the bet of Wild Immersion present for a semester at the Toison d’Or in Dijon. This is a first for this company specializing in the production of virtual reality films and the creation of experiences … Read more

With inflation, why are shopping becoming more time-consuming?

“Buy bread and yoghurt at Monoprix, vegetables and fresh fruit at Carrefour, then switch to Franprix for meat”. When she lists food shopping to do for her family, Natacha, a 32-year-old teacher, seems to be declaiming the twelve labors of Hercules. In the past, everything was simpler: all of his shopping was done at Carrefour … Read more

Consumption. Shopping for food on the Internet: a cure for inflation

If there is one place where inflation is felt, it is in supermarkets. This is why the government is preparing a food check for the most modest “from this summer”. While waiting for better days, consumers are tightening their belts. And some think they have found a solution to rising prices: e-commerce. According to a … Read more