[VIDEO] Léo Grasset accused of rape and sexual harassment: the Montpellier youtuber denounces “a dishonest portrait” of Médiapart

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Five months after a Mediapart article, Léo Grasset, accused of rape and sexual harassment, defended himself this Saturday, November 19 in a video. He denounces a “dishonest portrait” made against him. In June 2022, a Mediapart survey revealed accusations of rape and sexual harassment against the youtubeur based in Montpellier Léo Grasset. From his nickname … Read more

Judged for having drugged a collaborator, the former director of the Institut Montaigne disputes the sexual motive

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Did Laurent Bigorgne premeditate his gesture? Was the motive sexual? The debates were heated this Thursday during the trial of the former director of the Montaigne Institute, tried for having drugged a collaborator without his knowledge. The decision will be made on December 8. “I committed an infamous, heinous, and cowardly act”, recognizes the man … Read more

Social media: what they have changed in the field of sexual health

Montpellier, France – During the Francophone Days of Sexology and Sexual Health which were held in Montpellier, on Dr. Andre Cormandoctor sexologist and andrologist, vice-president of thePostgraduate Interdisciplinary Association of Sexology (AIUS), showed how the explosion of social media is leading to rethinking many paradigms of sexual health [1]. Social media has transformed our human … Read more

Metaverse: Even in the virtual, sexual assault is severely punished

Metaverse Even in the virtual sexual assault is severely punished

Anyone who believes that sexual assault in the metaverse goes unpunished, please change your mind. Sexual offenses committed in this virtual space remain reprehensible. Proof of this is the conviction of a South Korean for this kind of offence. In South Korea, a man in his thirties was apprehended, tried and then sentenced to 4 … Read more

In Japan, an application project to discourage sexual predators on the Internet

In Japan an application project to discourage sexual predators on

How can we better protect children who spend hours online every week on social networks, which their parents do not always understand? In Japan, the authorities of Aichi prefecture, around the city of Nagoya, have just mobilized several companies to try to design an application that could serve as a sort of universal filter and … Read more

With the metaverse, a new step in the difficult fight against sexual assault on the Internet

With the metaverse a new step in the difficult fight

ROCCO After a few minutes of immersion in Echo VR, a sports game in virtual reality, we hear our first insult. In the reception room, intended for people who have not yet started a game, a player yells at another at the microphone. He suggests to him, first, to him ” suck anus », before … Read more

With her question to Macron, young Laura galvanized activists against sexual violence

With her question to Macron young Laura galvanized activists against

POOL News via ReutersEmmanuel Macron and Gérald Darmanin exchange with the gendarmes during the trip of the Head of State to Gaillac (Tarn), Thursday June 9. The release of speech, “I accompanied her and I will continue to accompany her, to protect her”, replied Emmanuel Macron to the young woman. “At the same time, to … Read more

Horizon Worlds: a female avatar victim of sexual assault

Horizon Worlds a female avatar victim of sexual assault

An avatar of a 21-year-old woman was sexually assaulted on Meta’s Horizon Worlds virtual reality platform. The Horizon Worlds Metaverse was launched in the United States and Canada from the month of December 2021. This app is kind of a huge virtual world, in which several people, in the form of avatars, coexist. They can … Read more