Sexism and harassment: virtual reality as a solution?

Sexism and harassment virtual reality as a solution

Reverto, virtual reality headset, Lyon Virtual reality in the service of the fight against gender-based violence. This is the daring bet of the Lyon start-up Reverto. Invited by the Lyon company Reverto and URSAAF, Lyon Capitale was able to participate in an awareness session. The topic of the day was sexism in business. According to … Read more

Lyon: virtual reality against sexism in the workplace

Lyon virtual reality against sexism in the workplace

Free speech and identify inappropriate behavior: to fight against “ordinary sexism” in the professional context, URSSAF called on the Lyon start-up Reverto, which offers virtual reality sessions. The national fund URSSAF is in full tour of France. In just under a year, management hopes to raise awareness among more than 700 employees at around ten … Read more