iPhone 14: car accident detection is more sensitive than expected

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Announced with a certain emphasis by Apple, during its last keynote, the detection of car accidents allowed with the iPhone 14 was tested in (almost) real conditions by a YouTuber. Independently tested by a YouTuber, the traffic accident detection function seems to be on point… but has a few surprises in store // Source: TechRax … Read more

Thousands of Android apps leak sensitive information

Orange Sonatel opens Orange 5G Lab Dakar the first in

The source code of thousands of Android apps in the Play Store hides sensitive information. Once collected by hackers, this data puts the security of developers and users at risk. CyberNews security researchers found that thousands of Android apps hide “hard coded secrets” in their source code. These can be usernames, passwords, API keys, or … Read more

Is Google’s AI Sensitive? Stanford AI Experts Say It’s ‘Pure Clickbait’

Is Googles AI Sensitive Stanford AI Experts Say Its Pure

Following viral claims by a Google engineer that the artificial intelligence (AI) chatbot ‘LaMDa’ was sentient, Stanford experts urged skepticism and open-mindedness while encouraging a rethink of what means to be “sensitive”. Blake Lemoine was an engineer tasked with testing whether Google’s conversational AI machine produced hate speech when his conversations with LaMDA led him … Read more