Security survives budget cuts Computerworld

Spending all the gold in the world to fund computer security projects and actions is not enough. It is also necessary to effectively train its teams to apply application patches. Good news: recession or not, security remains a somewhat unavoidable expense for CIOs, according to data from a latest survey from Morgan Stanley Research. However, … Read more

The security of smartphones, tablets and laptops in professional and personal use: what solutions?

The security of smartphones tablets and laptops in professional and

The work environment has undergone profound changes in recent years. In this context, the use of employees’ mobile equipment must be rethought so that productivity and security can go hand in hand. Indeed, the notion of security is now central insofar as the attack surface continues to expand. Thus, protecting laptops alone is no longer … Read more

SNCF studies video intelligence for passenger safety and security

SNCF studies video intelligence for passenger safety and security

Strategy June 28, 2022 Vivatech, Rmi Legrand (l.) and Nicolas Despalles (r.), attached to the railway safety department of the SNCF group, spoke about the challenges of video intelligence in their field. On the occasion of the Vivatech show, the SNCF group discussed with CIO its experiments around video intelligence, explaining how it envisages the … Read more

Microsoft Defender wants to improve your security on Android, iOS, Windows and macOS

Microsoft Defender wants to improve your security on Android iOS

Microsoft has released a new application that is supposed to manage the security of each of your devices. Microsoft Defender wants to act as an interface between the various protection tools of a device and its user. Microsoft launches a new service accessible to all subscribers to his offer 365. Microsoft Defender aims to be … Read more

Horizon Worlds is coming to the UK with new security options

Horizon Worlds is coming to the UK with new security

Meta announced on June 13 the opening of Horizon Worlds, its first version of the metaverse, United Kingdom. Along with Great Britain, Canada and the United States, these are thousands of users who have access to the virtual reality (VR) social platform. Facebook’s parent company has unveiled new security features in response to numerous controversies … Read more

Computer security in hospitals and medical practices: a key factor in providing quality patient care – EconomieMatin

According to the Digital Health Agency (ANS), more than 730 cybersecurity incidents were recorded in France last year in the health sector. As with businesses, the cybersecurity maturity level of hospitals is likely to vary. Although a major awareness has been raised at the highest political level, there are still numerous attacks – this was … Read more

Android hack: why the security of 35% of mobiles threatens to fly away

These 4 misconceptions about VPNs are totally

Android smartphones represent 70% market share in the mode, which does not prevent them from fishing on the side of security. As Bitdefender points out in a blog post, the fragmentation of the ecosystem – in other words the splitting of smartphones in circulation between different Android versions – is a real security problem. Bitdefender … Read more

Start-up/large group: the safety and security sector accelerates collaborations

To get an appointment at the SNCF, they “hunted” professional profiles related to safety and security issues and intelligent video on LinkedIn. William Eldin and Damien Mulhem, the co-founders of the XXII start-up specializing in analysis by artificial intelligence (IA) images, had a great proposition: “Our technology solves a scourge: abandoned luggage which is extremely … Read more

Integrate threat intelligence into your security strategy

Two years of remote working and the explosion of digital transformation have increased the attack surface for organizations. Threat intelligence offers an opportunity to redress the balance. Threat intelligence or threat intelligence is the use of data, processed as information, and then interrogated to tell a story that improves decision-making. Rather than answering simple questions … Read more

Cyberattacks: companies in the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes region facing IT security challenges – LE [Lyon-Entreprises]

Cyberattacks companies in the Auvergne Rhone Alpes region facing IT security

In recent years, cybercrime has experienced unprecedented growth. With the evolution of mores and modes of consumption and communication, illegal practices are also changing. So, with the modernization of society also comes the modernization of fraud and threats. Cyberattacks on databases and sensitive company information are therefore increasing exponentially. There is indeed a drastic increase … Read more