Safer Internet Day – How to effectively secure your WiFi network? » The economic and political letter of PACA

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WiFi has become the default way to access the Internet, and once WiFi is working properly, we tend to forget about security and keep our default settings. On the occasion of Safer Internet Day, what if you took new measures to ensure that your internet connection is properly secured? WiFi encryption, on-board security, guest network … Read more

How do I secure my WordPress website? – The Tech Review

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The security of your WordPress website is priceless when you know the hassle it is to rebuild it Renowned for its simplicity and user-friendliness, WordPress is one of the most widely used content management systems in the world. Indeed, nearly 40% of existing websites are created thanks to it. Initially intended for bloggers, the CMS … Read more

How to choose a VPN in 2023: Secure your internet browsing? – The Tech Review

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Doing research, connecting to a social network or making online purchases requires browsing the internet. However, it happens to be a victim of data theft while browsing the internet. It is therefore important to have a VPN to ensure the security of your data when browsing the Internet. We invite you to learn more about … Read more

Three French people launch an application dedicated to 100% secure sexting

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Use an application specially dedicated to sex without having the fear of finding its practices and preferences spread on the Web. Get in touch with people who share the same interests as you without asking yourself too many questions of confidentiality. This is what Blyynd appselected and presented at CES Las Vegas 2023. An app … Read more

Less secure code with AI-based assistants Computerworld

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A study by researchers at Stanford University shows that programmers using artificial intelligence tools like Github Copilot produce more code exposed to vulnerabilities than others. Artificial intelligence is certainly very practical for automating tasks or predicting behavior but can also be a source of problems. In particular security, as shown by researchers at Stanford University. … Read more

Online banking: these small options that facilitate and secure purchases on the Internet

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Buying on the internet has become a consumer habit for the majority of French people. What could be better than seeing your online purchases made easier and safer? This is the objective established by several online banks, through certain services and options offered to their customers. Saving time is often our goal when we buy … Read more

Snapdragon Connect, Sound, Sight, Elite Gaming, Secure: what do these logos mean for your smartphones?

Snapdragon Connect Sound Sight Elite Gaming Secure what do these

For several years, Qualcomm has placed logos around its technologies. Snapdragon Connect, Snapdragon Sound, Snapdragon Sight, each of these acronyms includes a set of functions to which your product may be entitled. Let’s take a closer look. Like the presentation of Snapdragon 8 Gen 2 has proven it again, Qualcomm has been multiplying new brands … Read more

Towards the creation of a mobile brigade to better secure the valleys of Haut-Béarn?

The objective announced by the President of the Republic is to create 200 structures in France in the years to come, including two to three brigades in the Pyrénées-Atlantiques. Three meetings have been scheduled with… The objective announced by the President of the Republic is to create 200 structures in France in the years to … Read more

Amazon will deprive the general public of one of the most secure messaging apps

Amazon will deprive the general public of one of the

Amazon is reviewing its strategy for Wickr. This messaging application will now be reserved for the administration and professionals. The general public will no longer be entitled to it. It was in June 2021. Amazon announced the acquisition of Wickr, a messaging application with end-to-end encryption to guarantee the integrity and confidentiality of messages between … Read more

EU launches Iris, a constellation of satellites to secure the internet

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The European Union on Thursday kicked off Iris, a constellation of satellites intended to secure the Internet and its communications “everywhere” on its territory from 2027, announced the Commissioner for Industry and Space Thierry Breton. “Iris is a big step for our resilience, and a giant leap for our technological sovereignty,” he said in a … Read more