Innovation fair in Menton: the secrets of Marco Landi, former Apple executive

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This is the novelty of this year 2023. The Agglomeration Community of the French Riviera (Carf) is organizing its very first innovation fair this Friday, January 27, in partnership with the City of Menton and the Menton Tourist Office , Riviera and Wonders. Among the headliners of the event, Marco Landi, former world director of … Read more

Android is celebrating its 15th birthday, but do you know its little secrets?

This Saturday, November 5, Google is blowing out 15 Android candles. The most popular mobile operating system on the market has grown at a steady rate, with Apple’s iOS also gaining ground, so that today the two giants share almost entire smartphone market, Android representing almost 72% of the sector and iOS, nearly 28%. It … Read more

L’Europe se prpare rcrire les rgles de l’internet : la loi sur les marchs numriques (DMA) entrera en vigueur le 1er novembre 2022, elle obligera les Big Tech ouvrir leurs jardins secrets

1667208765 LEurope se prepare a reecrire les regles de linternet

Prsent fin 2020 par la Commission europenne, le rglement DMA (pour Digital Markets Act) a t dfinitivement vot par le Parlement europen et approuv par le Conseil de l’UE en juillet 2022. Et dans quelques heures, cette loi qui changera internet pour toujours, entrera en vigueur ; elle rendra beaucoup plus difficile le statut de … Read more

7 Secrets For A Smarter Android Chrome Experience

Google say goodbye to this iconic application

Let’s face it: this bland global network of ours can sometimes be a never-ending series of nuisances and annoyances. And while you can take full control of more parts of your Android experience, the web itself is a lot trickier. From sites where the text is too small to those bombarding you with auto-playing videos … Read more

Revealing Secrets – Which Android Spy App Is Right For You? – Tech Tribune France

Revealing Secrets Which Android Spy App Is Right For

Advertising Spying on cell phones is one of those topics that always arouses curiosity. Although spying is not viewed positively in our society unless it is done with the intention of protecting your loved one from any unfortunate incident or misdeed. And I can bet many have wasted their hard-earned money on spy software in … Read more