EELV Congress: between pragmatism and radicalism, ecologists in search of the right formula

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Ecologists will have a new secretary general who will replace Julien Bayou by the end of 2022. They must appoint her after a “refoundation” congress which is held in two stages. Six motions will be in the running, but one candidate is presented as the big favorite. Environmentalists will soon have a new national secretary. … Read more

Champions League: OL in search of their offensive efficiency

Champions League OL in search of their offensive efficiency

It is difficult to speak of a crisis, since OL are at the top of D1 with two points ahead of PSG and keep their destiny in hand in the Champions League when playing in Zurich this Thursday (6:45 p.m.), but some thing is not completely round with the European champion. “We have a start … Read more

World Cup: Dua Lipa, Rod Stewart, Shakira… Qatar in search of its stars

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The 2022 World Cup kicks off on Sunday but a question arises: will there be music stars in Doha? Dua Lipa, Rod Stewart, Shakira… Several celebrities refused to take part in the opening ceremony, at 4:20 p.m. French time on November 20, due to non-respect of human rights. For Rod Stewart, it’s a not final. … Read more

The metaverse in search of accessibility

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Visiting museums, discovering countries… By aiming to abolish physical borders, the metaverse does not lack promise. While virtual reality technologies are still in development, the question of accessibility for people with disabilities is a challenge – both for accessories and for interfaces. Heavy and unpleasant helmets, difficult to handle controllers… On Meta’s Oculus VR forum, … Read more

Google Lens: text search soon to be dethroned by images? (2nd part) – SEO and engine news – Abundance

Google Lens text search soon to be dethroned by images

The way we use our phones is changing. As evidenced by the Google Lens application, we are in the process of moving into the era of visuals and multiple searches. How, from a simple photo, does Google Lens find an answer to your image query? How does it take you into many different worlds? What … Read more

The origins of the Anthropocene: episode 5/5 of the podcast In search of origins

The origins of the Anthropocene episode 55 of the podcast

A word that speaks of us and our time, since for the first time in the history of the planet, a geological time would be defined by the action of a species, ours. This term is hotly debated. It is the subject of much debate in the scientific community to give an exact definition, but … Read more

I-MIM a mission to search for accessible ice on Mars in preparation for the arrival of man

I MIM a mission to search for accessible ice on Mars

In August 2022, a “final report” was submitted by an international group of researchers* on behalf of several space agencies**, to carry out the mapping and characterization of easily accessible water ice deposits on Mars (from 0 10 meters deep) as well as their cover (rocks or regolith). The project known as the “International Mars … Read more