Real estate: the frenzy of new business school campuses

Paolo Benanti the monk who surrounds the Pope on the

“Future”, “innovative”, “intelligent” or “global” campuses: the names vary according to the major management schools, but they illustrate the multiplicity of real estate projects. The pandemic had put digital in the forefront and raised fears of a halt to their development. “It’s quite the opposite,” notes Stéphanie Lavigne, Director General of Toulouse Business School (TBS). … Read more

These 5 mobile plans at €5 are perfect for making great savings before the start of the 2022 school year

These 5 mobile plans at E5 are perfect for making

Are you looking for a cheap mobile plan before the start of the 2022 school year? We have selected for you the five best deals of the moment at less than €5 per month. You will be able to take advantage of an unlimited mobile subscription including between 5 and 20 GB of data at … Read more

At Telecom Paris, engineering students introduce middle school students to science

At Telecom Paris engineering students introduce middle school students to

Five times this year, Telecom Paris engineering students led scientific mediation workshops in a college classified as a priority education zone. Sessions designed to create vocations among a disadvantaged public, but also to encourage students to become aware of societal issues. Throughout the 2021–2022 school year, first-year students from the Telecom Paris engineering school supervised … Read more

A computer school, and after? The jobs and salaries that await you

Whether you are a computer buff or determined to take this path, know that many jobs with comfortable salaries await you. All the information with IPSSI, a renowned school of work-study computing, which aims to give your career a boost. Created in 1998, IPSSI stands out today as a benchmark school in engineering and digital … Read more

A mobile swimming pool installed near a school in Vienne to give swimming lessons to children

A mobile swimming pool installed near a school in Vienne

It is a place that has everything of a classic public swimming pool. There are changing rooms, showers, but also a footbath. And of course a pool, ten meters long, installed on a covering resembling fake grass, under a large white barnum. Here is the brand new mobile swimming pool in the town of Vernon, … Read more

Calais: a call for donations for a virtual reality project at Coubertin high school

Calais a call for donations for a virtual reality project

In order to raise awareness of global warming which threatens the planet, high school students from Coubertin have decided to develop a virtual reality project. They are appealing for generosity on a crowdfunding platform. Objective: €5,000. A virtual reality headset is essential to carry out their project. PHOTO ARCHIVES SÉBASTIEN JARRY Published: June 20, 2022 … Read more

Why O’clock is the live, remote web development school for you

This is nothing new, web developer is a buoyant profession. However, it requires a solid technical background. To become a developer, you have to find the most suitable and complete training. Good luck finding the right one out of all the ones out there. But Oh clock stands out from the crowd and is distinguished … Read more

IT, energy, construction, finance: which sectors does your engineering school lead to?

Infographics. Engineer in transport, in chemistry or even in agronomy, the professional integration sectors vary greatly according to the school and the specialties chosen by the students. To help you choose your training according to the sectors of opportunity, l’Etudiant details the engineering schools which place the most graduates in ten major professional sectors. On … Read more