Invaded by scams, the SeLoger site flees to the metaverse

Invaded by scams the SeLoger site flees to the metaverse

Searching for accommodation on the Internet is a real obsession. It’s much more comfortable to browse offers for accommodation from a sofa, but it’s much more difficult to dodge the scams, which are popping up everywhere. SeLoger, at the forefront, has been invaded by false advertisements for years. In 2021, lemon squeezer published a scam … Read more

Internet scams: here are the tools to better protect you

Your package has been delivered this scam siphons off all

The Ministry of the Interior has just launched the My Security application. It aims to inform its users about the police or gendarmerie services close to their home, as well as to provide advice and useful information. The application offers a tutorial during the first use. Remember to configure and personalize your profile, in particular … Read more

Mobile insurance scams: Indexia (ex-SFAM) sentenced by the courts

Internet access has been disrupted in several major French cities

RMC INFO. Unjustified withdrawals, impossibility to terminate the contract, we revealed in February 2022 that customers of the Indexia group, the former SFAM (French mobile insurance company) wanted to go to court. A couple who had filed a complaint won their case, the SFAM was condemned, at the end of July, by the Paris court. … Read more

Online shopping scams – Buying on the internet: buy serenely

Bouygues Telecom releases a mobile plan that knocks out its

Verify the identity of the seller Before any order, it is recommended to check that the website on which you are browsing is not just a facade but that there is indeed a real company behind it. Online sellers are required to provide consumers with clear and easily accessible information about their identity. Look for … Read more

The 6 internet scams that teenagers fall victim to

The 6 internet scams that teenagers fall victim to

Scammers do not hesitate to send private messages directly on social networks, such as Instagram and Facebook photo credit: GettyImages Shocking news on influencers, discounted luxury products, fake job offers… The Internet and social networks are full of scams specially designed to lure teenagers. Some more common scams can be avoided with a few good … Read more

Haute-Garonne: beware of holiday home rental scams on the internet

the essential A few weeks before the summer vacation, some are still looking for their vacation home. But as always, many scams flourish on the internet. Last February, an English couple traveled to the Pyrenees, to Bagnères-de-Luchon, convinced that they had rented accommodation for the holidays. When they arrive on site, the place is already … Read more

Vinted, Le Bon Coin, eBay: the difficult hunt for scams for second-hand sales sites

“It’s a nest of scams! “, indignant Mireille Bougeard, retired living in Besançon, about the Vinted platform. In January, she bought a virtual reality headset on the site for 250 euros but it never arrived at her home. It was when she consulted the parcel tracking that she understood the scam. “I saw that it … Read more

Scams, hacks and blackmail on the internet: a platform for filing a complaint

“In five years, we have gone from 1,700 facts observed to just over 2,100 in 2021. And the trend is strengthening in 2022 with an increase of +6%” underlines Commissioner Alexandre Cotto, head of departmental security. “It’s a tough job for… “In five years, we have gone from 1,700 facts observed to just over 2,100 … Read more