Save by opting for an unlimited 50GB mobile plan from €6.90 with five mobile operators

Save by opting for an unlimited 50GB mobile plan from

Want to make great savings on your mobile plan? The promotions of the MVNOs selected today in this comparison will allow you to reduce your telecom bill while enjoying great benefits. The 50GB offers detailed in the rest of this article are all without commitment of duration and at a bargain price without condition of … Read more

Predictive medicine: how AI could save us from cancer

BalanceTonInfluenceur five minutes to understand the accusations against internet stars

The medicine of tomorrow can be summed up with 4 Ps: personalized, preventive, predictive and participatory. With the constant progress in artificial intelligence, predictive medicine wants to increase the chances of survival in the event of serious illness. ” Prevention is better than cure “this could be the slogan of all these companies dedicated to … Read more

Save money with this great 50GB mobile plan at €6.99 per month

Save money with this great 50GB mobile plan at E699

A leading specialist in flexible mobile plans, Prixtel has conquered the market with its trio of adjustable offers: the small, the large and the giant. But for the past few weeks, the MVNO has displayed another even more advantageous mobile plan: The penta. Presented as THE flexible package, the latter offers an unprecedented formula, with … Read more

At B&You, it’s time to save money with this 80 GB plan at a mini price

Bouygues Telecom releases a mobile plan that knocks out its

Until next Monday, B&You invites you to save money on your mobile bill. Its 80 GB package at less than 12 euros per month is a real nugget that should not be missed. What if the holidays were the perfect opportunity to change your mobile plan? Until next Monday, all B&You packages are sacrificed with … Read more

Can a parasitic wasp save your fruit crops? – Genetics News

wasp species Asobara japonica (A. japonica) is a parasitic organism, meaning it maintains its life by diverting resources from a host such as the fruit fly Drosophila melanogaster. The mother wasp can secrete a venom full of toxic components that overcome the host’s immune defenses to allow her baby wasp to live inside the host. … Read more

AI would save an hour a day in the clinical practice of radiologists

MONDAY JUNE 13, 2022 Be the first to react According to the American Journal of Roentgenology (AJR), integrating AI assistance into clinical practice can reduce repetitive tasks for radiologists. In particular, it saves approximately one hour of chest CT interpretation time in a typical working day. A study conducted by Dr. U. Joseph Schoepf of … Read more

Electricity, internet, insurance… These start-ups help you (for free) to save on your subscriptions

Posted 24 Feb. 2022 at 12:55Updated 24 Feb. 2022 at 01:13 PM Electricity, gas, mobile plan, internet box, home insurance, streaming platforms, gym… We quickly accumulate subscriptions and not always with the most competitive offer. But for lack of time or fear of embarking on tedious procedures, we sometimes prefer to postpone the termination of … Read more

What if you bet on this 60 GB mobile plan for less than €10 to save money?

What if you bet on this 60 GB mobile plan

La Poste Mobile is multiplying the offers on its packages. Even today, the operator is cutting prices with in particular a 60 GB package for only 9.99 euros per month for one year. The summer period is fast approaching and it’s a good way to save money on your mobile phone plan, because the offers … Read more

Save money by paying in cash… Advice from a Rouennaise for your purchasing power

Faced with inflation at +4.8% in April 2022, the explosion in the price of fuel and food, purchasing power has become the main concern of the French. Mother of two children, Angélique Daly has returned to the good old method of money envelopes. Its principle: pay everything in cash “because you don’t spend the same … Read more