Second hand: where to buy second-hand sports equipment on the internet to save money? – Here is

Mental health the 10 innovations that will revolutionize 2023

What if we took a double good resolution by getting back to sport while consuming green? This is the bet of several resale platforms for clothing and sports equipment! Notice to second-hand fans or those who want to get started. Getting into sport is good. Get back to sport without breaking the bank, it’s better! … Read more

How to make your Xiaomi mobile start up faster and save battery: Follow this trick and start your mobile faster

How to make your Xiaomi mobile start up faster and

Find out how to speed up startup and consume less battery by disabling autostart apps on your Xiaomi. We know that mobile phones that use MIUI have a personalization layer that although it is true that they have many curious features, it is also well known that this layer is usually a little slower and … Read more

From Marseille to the US Air Force: Nicolas Chaillan, the geek who wants to save America

TotalEnergies calls for responsibility to allow the good supply of

The Financial Times, however, is not known for being rowdy. But now the title of a article published on October 10, 2021, catches our distracted eyes. “The United States has already lost the war of artificial intelligence against China, according to a former Pentagon”. To illustrate the article, the portrait of a 38-year-old man, high … Read more

Internet. Resignations, leak of advertisers … save who can at Twitter

Tesla AI Day what to expect from Elon Musks show

Cascading resignations, warning from the authorities and flight from advertisers: Elon Musk’s Twitter was taking on water from all sides on Thursday, despite his contrasting efforts to motivate the remaining employees. “The future is very exciting, I can’t wait to make it happen with you,” the new boss said Thursday at the start of an … Read more

The metaverse was supposed to save Facebook but a year later, Zuckerberg can’t do it

The metaverse was supposed to save Facebook but a year

FacebookMark Zuckerberg FacebookMark Zuckerberg Mark Zuckerberg was mocked after posting this photo of his Horizon Worlds avatar, which is part of his metaverse project. INTERNET – In a digital amphitheater, confetti appears out of nowhere as dozens of overexcited, limbless people jump onto the benches, their eyes glued to the avatar of mark zuckerberg. The … Read more

Meet Alex Hanna, the researcher who left Google to save AI

Metaverse la guerre est declaree pour dominer les mondes

“I resign because I am exhaustedHere’s what Alex Hanna wrote on February 2, his last on Google’s Ethical AI team. She felt that the company, and the tech industry as a whole, did little to promote diversity or mitigate the harm its products had caused to people belonging to minorities. “In a nutshell, tech has … Read more

Thomas Dohmke (GitHub): “Artificial intelligence will save coders a lot of time”

Crypto Elon Musk TikTok The underside of the big

It is perhaps the largest office in the world. Every day on GitHub, tens of millions of developers around the world help each other create new computing tools that they make available to everyone. A profoundly innovative way of working that has benefited the entire economy. Microsoft, which has clearly measured the strategic importance of … Read more

Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro: save your photos that are too blurry with this bluffing function

Google Pixel 7 and 7 Pro save your photos that

On the Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro, the Google Photos app offers a “Photo Unblur” option that makes it easy to remove blur and noise from images. Unblur photo on Pixel 7 and Pixel 7 Pro // Source: Google Blurry photos. Whatever the photo quality of your smartphone, we have all experienced this kind … Read more