Two private sales, one month free and promotional prices for the Black Friday internet box selection!

Two private sales one month free and promotional prices for

You waited for Black-Friday for a change of box? You did well ! Several access providers have chosen this period to lower the price of their offers and offer you maximum advantages. This year, you have the choice between two Private sales, a box at half price and an offer with the first month free. … Read more

PC, tablet and smartphone sales expected to drop 7.6% in 2022 Computerworld

PC tablet and smartphone sales expected to drop 76 in

The storm combining geopolitics and high inflation against the backdrop of a pandemic is paralyzing the PC, tablet and smartphone markets, which should drop below the floor of 2 billion units sold worldwide in 2022 according to Gartner. Global PC shipments are expected to decline 9.5% in 2022, according to Gartner’s latest forecasts. “A perfect … Read more

Global monthly component sales drop Computerworld

Global monthly component sales drop Computerworld

Computer component sales are down as the market faces significant economic headwinds, particularly in mainland China. According to statistics published by the Semiconductor Industry Association, global semiconductor sales were down 0.5% in September, month-on-month, and 3% from September 2021, as demand continued to soften amid multiple macroeconomic headwinds. According to the SIA report, purchases of … Read more

Microsoft launches Viva Sales tool

Metaverse et NFT les nouveaux metiers de linformatique

Microsoft released a CRM automation tool called Viva Sales. It aims to help salespeople in the day-to-day management of their activities. To perform, this innovative tool works on the basis of a subtle combination of artificial intelligence (AI), automation of data entry and rapid information processing. Viva Sales intends to revolutionize the world of sales … Read more

Tobacconists crack down on illegal online tobacco sales

iPhone 14 VR headset AirPods Pro 2 Apples busy program

Nearly 10,000 mentions of cigarette brands were listed between February and June 2022 on the Facebook and Snapchat networks giving rise to illegal sales. This is the conclusion of a confidential study conducted by British American Tobacco. Platforms and access providers are now, in the eyes of tobacconists, tools for accelerating the parallel sale of … Read more

Is the iPhone 14 a flop? First sales figures revealed

Is the iPhone 14 a flop First sales figures revealed

News hardware Is the iPhone 14 a flop? First sales figures revealed Published on 14/10/2022 at 18:08 The iPhone 14 was released about 1 month ago, and everything seemed to be going pretty well for the apple. The ratings of the specialized press, including ours, are excellent, the public greets the latest Apple innovations en … Read more

Follow the evolution of internet sales month by month, thanks to the iCE100 Fevad Panel

Follow the evolution of internet sales month by month thanks

How are sales in your industry changing? How are your sales evolving compared to the market? Essential questions for anticipating changes in the sector and preparing strategic decisions for your company, answered by the Fevad iCE100 panel. What is the Fevad iCE100 panel? The Fevad, thanks to its research department, disseminates economic indicators throughout the … Read more

iPhone 14 and 14 Pro: Foxconn wants to be “optimistic, but cautious” for end-of-year sales

Apple iPhone 14 Pro Note Digital (1) All 128 GB 256 GB 512 GB 1TB All 128 GB 256 GB 512 GB 1TB Cdiscount 1,290.98 SFR 1,309.00 Ubaldi 1,321.00 1,329.00 1,329.00 1,329.00 macway 1,329.00 LDLC 1,335.95 1,335.95 Used Marketplace 1,370.99 Rakuten 1,537.00 Amazon 1,719.00 Amazon Warehouse 1,959.21 Cdiscount 1,290.98 SFR … Read more

Online sales app: the complete guide to apps for selling on the internet

Launch of the new website of the fishing port of

What are the best apps for selling online? The best apps to sell online are those that provide a good user experience. They should have features like: Easy to use interface; Complete content; Good UX (user experience) and features like social sharing, video/audio support and translations. With proper valuation, apps can earn you a lot … Read more

Javier Delgado (Mirai): “The metaverse and virtual reality represent the future of hotel sales” –

Javier Delgado Mirai The metaverse and virtual reality represent the

In full mutation, the hotel market has been evolving while going through the various crises for 2 years. Direct selling is on the rise and professionals in the sector are determined to get more out of their dependence on OTAs by focusing on other assets. Interview with Javier Delgado, co-managing partner at Mirai. Where are … Read more