D’un Seul Geste training in fire safety in virtual reality

Apres les echecs et le go DeepMind fait jouer sa

Posted Sep 20, 2022, 8:30 AMUpdated on Sep 20, 2022 at 11:01 am Three years after the marketing of its training in first aid gestures, the start-up With a single gesture announces the release of its new company fire training. “We have taken up the principles that made the success of our first product: one-hour … Read more

Problems with the internet, lack of civility, road safety,… the municipality of Montval-sur-loir answered questions

Problems with the internet lack of civility road safety the

By Writing Le Petit Courrier – L’Echo Published on 8 Jul 22 at 5:36 The Courier – The Echo See my news Follow this media During the public meeting in Château-du-Loir. Few residents were present, unlike the first meeting organized at the end of 2021. ©Le Petit Courrier. Montval-sur-Loir. This is the second public meeting … Read more

Hydroguides around lakes and rivers for the safety of third parties

Hydroguides around lakes and rivers for the safety of third

Alexandre Isabel, hydroguide for EDF during his morning inspection and meeting with the public around the Val d Azun facilities. 12/08/2016, Arrens Marsous-France. As every summer for more than 20 years, EDF is deploying the “apparent calm, present risk” campaign throughout the national territory. A prevention operation carried out around its facilities with the aim … Read more

SNCF studies video intelligence for passenger safety and security

SNCF studies video intelligence for passenger safety and security

Strategy June 28, 2022 Vivatech, Rmi Legrand (l.) and Nicolas Despalles (r.), attached to the railway safety department of the SNCF group, spoke about the challenges of video intelligence in their field. On the occasion of the Vivatech show, the SNCF group discussed with CIO its experiments around video intelligence, explaining how it envisages the … Read more

Start-up/large group: the safety and security sector accelerates collaborations

To get an appointment at the SNCF, they “hunted” professional profiles related to safety and security issues and intelligent video on LinkedIn. William Eldin and Damien Mulhem, the co-founders of the XXII start-up specializing in analysis by artificial intelligence (IA) images, had a great proposition: “Our technology solves a scourge: abandoned luggage which is extremely … Read more

Nuclear safety: IRSN and CNRS present their joint roadmap

The CNRS and the Institute for Radiation Protection and Nuclear Safety (IRSN) have been cooperating for a long time in the field of nuclear safety, and in 2008 they created a joint laboratory, the MIST (Laboratory of Micromechanics and Integrity of Structures) intended to study the thermomechanical behavior of materials subjected to harmful atmospheres such … Read more

Why schools should teach internet safety courses

Almost all children use the internet at some point in their schooling, and it can be a great resource for learning. However, the internet also presents risks, which is why schools should offer internet safety courses. Lessons should focus on how to identify scams and hoaxes, protect personal information, and deal with cyberbullying. It is … Read more