“Leaving Russia”, a search that explodes on the internet

Mobile plan sales Red by SFR puts the competition in

Published on : 09/22/2022 – 11:48 The announcement of a mobilization of 300,000 people with military training prompted many Russian Internet users to find a way to escape the appeal of the Moscow authorities. The phrases “How to break an arm” and “Leaving Russia” have both seen an explosion of online searches since the evening … Read more

Russia tightens its control over the Internet and social networks

parallel to its military offensive in Ukraine, Russia continues its digital battle. Since February 24, Moscow has multiplied initiatives intended to control the flow of information accessible to Internet users. On March 4, Russia’s “internet policeman,” Roskomnadzor, blocked access to Facebook and restricted access to Twitter. On the same day, Parliament Russian passed a new … Read more

War in Ukraine: “In Russia, the Internet and the media landscape are being locked down”

Olga Bronnikova, teacher and researcher in sociology at the University of Grenoble-Alpes and member of the research collective “Net resisters, criticism and escape from digital coercion in Russia”, considers that the restrictions imposed since February 25 by Moscow on online services, in particular American ones, and the recent law punishing fifteen years in prison for … Read more

Wheat and cereals: The real problem is the stupid sanctions against Russia – News Politics and geopolitics

1653862393 Wheat and cereals The real problem is the stupid sanctions

Everyone is yelling at Russia for creating grain and wheat shortages. But Russia is always ready to sell its wheat, but it’s the West shooting itself in the foot with its dumb sanctions. We also have heavy fire on the fact that Ukraine can no longer deliver its wheat. But that doesn’t have much impact … Read more

Russia loses part of its interconnection with the Internet

Russia loses part of its interconnection with the Internet

Cogent and Lumen: two names that mean nothing to the general public. However, these are two very important companies for the proper functioning of the Internet on a global level. They are, in a way, the “backbone” of the network. And they decided to cut themselves off from Russia. Should the growing isolation facing Russia … Read more

Russia Unveils Alternative App Store to Bypass Sanctions

The invasion of Ukraine has not finished having major repercussions, including in tech. One of the latest is Wednesday’s launch of RuStore, a local Russian alternative to Google’s mobile app store – the Play Store – which has largely become inoperative in the country due to Western sanctions. This new app store was developed by … Read more

Russia vs. the West: The Specter of Attacks on Undersea Internet Cables

US President Joe Biden has warned that Russia is considering carrying out attacks on critical infrastructure. One of the scenarios discussed since the start of the war in Ukraine is that Moscow goes after the submarine cables in order to cut the world off from the Internet. A disaster scenario that is more difficult to … Read more